Month: June 2010

There’s No Fool Like A Gullible Old Fool

I can’t believe it’s happened again! Once more I’ve been had over by lying, cheating, thieving, unscrupulous scumbags disguised as genuine, knowledgeable, professionals. Beware my friends, the worlds is full of people on the make. They’ll tell you anything, they have no morals, they want only your money, they have no intention of delivering what […]

Moving Forward

Technology is driving me crackers at the moment. It seems to do all the massively complicated things that you don’t really need and yet it can’t get the simple everyday tasks sorted. Why does every device have to try and do so much? Just like people I think it’s better for them to specialize. I’ve […]

Rich Dad Inspiration

I spent the weekend at the Rich Dad National Achievers Convention in the Excel Centre, London. Over 3,000 people attended and that takes some pulling power to get that many people to pay around £300 a piece to listen to speakers sell themselves and their own particular specialism. There were lots of faces there that […]