Month: July 2010

What a Feeling

Hey there, how do you feel today? Did you bound out of bed this morning or did you have to drag yourself up? It seems to me that how we wake determines how we feel throughout the day. On those rare occasions that I have been late, it’s as if I try harder and harder […]

Defining Moments

This last week I’ve been hearing a lot about defining moments. The light bulb in the head times when things become instantly clear. I’ve also heard about love and needs and the things that make us happy and I’ve been spending time thinking about just what does make us happy and those memories that we […]

Birthday Mentor

The events of the last week have made me consider what I’m working for, what am I aiming for and whether I’m moving in the right direction along the right path at all. I’m happier than I’ve ever been, doing what I do, but being passionate about things doesn’t pay the bills especially when you’re […]

Personality Clash

Have you ever noticed how one person’s personality is very much like somebody else’s that you know? Sometimes they even look like them and have the same mannerisms. This occurred to me at a birthday party I went to in Yorkshire at the weekend. The hostess was so similar to my friend’s wife that they […]