Month: October 2010

Halloween Horrors

We can’t all specialize and be the key person in our field of work. It stands to reason that we can’t all just do what we want otherwise there would be nobody to do the menial tasks. We can however all be happy in what we do if we have the right mindset. For the […]

Good Nights for Good Days

We have to be grateful for good sleep. When you’ve experienced times of insufficient rest the difference in the way we can feel is incomparable. Over the last year I have been concentrating on sleep patterns, recording and analysing my sleep and the way it affects my waking hours. These studies are finally drawing to […]

Watch Out For The Bugs

It’s incredible how the tiniest micro organism can bring down a comparatively mighty machine. I spent three days of last week in London. Firstly there was the Property Investor Show which was bigger than I had expected and I only just managed to have sufficient business cards with me. Maybe I had a different attitude […]

Healthy Work

There are some people for whom work lasts from 8.00am to 5.00pm. There are other people who work from 9.00am to 4.00pm but their work lasts around the clock as they take it home with them if not physically, then in worry and stress. There is a further category of which I’m glad to say […]