Month: December 2010

Christmas Presents

There aren’t many shopping days left before Christmas now, and I haven’t even started looking for presents yet. I don’t suspect I’ll have a real problem though as I tend to work on a theme. This year I’ll give everyone books. It’s been quite a book year for me having written four. The first of […]

Opportunity Knocks

Why is it that no matter how much you do for some people they can never do anything for themselves? I’m not talking about people with disabilities although in some ways they disable themselves, I’m thinking about those who can’t see when an opportunity is right under their nose. We must all fall foul to […]

Meditation is Key

It’s a good idea before the panic and craziness if Christmas kicks in, to take some time out to reflect and empower ourselves for the pressures of the oncoming season. For the last weekend of November we organised a trip to a lovely country house hotel for some peace and quiet, the chance to get […]