Month: June 2012

What a Racket

After all the recent activity of my move from my home and personal office of over five years to a smaller city centre location, combined with the a new working environment in the beautiful Hampshire countryside, I decided a short break top sunny Cyprus would be just the order for a few days before the […]


Moving house gives us the opportunity to rid ourselves of those things that really only serve to hinder us rather than make our lives easier. All the packing I’ve done over the last weeks has expended an enormous amount of my energy and yet the essentials I need can fit into one small box. The […]

What a Waste

How much paper do we all go through each week? The days of the paperless office were supposed to be upon us by now and yet there seems to be more of it than ever. Last weeekends bank holiday and Jubilee celebrations created more of than normal and yet as a country we manage to […]