Month: July 2012

The Cost of Heartbreak

The traffic into London is even worse than the Manchester mayhem I’ve been used to for the last thirty years. It’s so much easier when somebody else drives though, with modern technology your office can be as small as your phone. When the sun shines through, the natural tendency for me is to want to […]

Learning Events

Tomorrow I’m heading to Heathrow for a four day event on public speaking. In many ways I’m looking at this as being my last educational event. I wonder how much time and money I have spent on personnel development over the years and how much I have actually benefited from it. I don’t feel any different and […]

Too Much

I’m writing this as I’m flying home and I’m thinking why? Why am I doing many of the things I’ve done for so many years and what am I achieving by doing them. Why do any of us want or need more when in reality we already have too much. How much of me am […]