Month: August 2012

What’s Important

Over the Bank Holiday weekend I’ve been spending some relaxation time reading and listening to CD’s and DVD’s about what’s important in life and the biggest learning to come out of it has been the here and now. It’s not what’s gone before or even what’s to come but the now is where it’s at. […]


It occurred to me this morning that August is going fast and I haven’t even started my tax return other than gathering the information together. This surely has to be one of the most burdensome tasks anyone who has their own business or contracts for themselves has to do. At some point if your wealth […]

Life Balance

It’s not every week you get to pass on your mistakes to somebody’s advantage but that’s what happened to me with a business I should have closed last year. At the time it seemed clear to wind it up as it had lost its momentum and was taking up more time than it was worth. […]

Balancing Act

I clocked another year up recently and at the time it’s always fun or exciting or thought provoking, but a week or so later when we reflect on the passing of time and the realization of just how short a life is, it can be quite daunting to think of how some people really don’t […]