Month: September 2012

All You Need

I’ve just got back to Hampshire to find the weather just as miserable as it was in Manchester when I left there. This time I’ve had ten days in the North West trying to get things working but in reality I’ve been hampered by the best thing possible. There is no way I’m ever going […]

New Meanings

Sometimes we have to try new things to extend our learning, get out of our comfort zone and experience more out of our very short lives. The more time we can spend enjoying ourselves the more satisfied we should be in the present as we have less regrets and fewer needs of fulfilment for our […]


I called into Sainsbury’s this morning; they must have at least ten different types of bananas to buy. Some of them are exactly the same only packaged differently. Essentially of course they are all the same, all bananas. When I go for the spinach again there are several opportunities to purchase differently packaged amounts and […]

Big Brands

I wasn’t sure whether I was paying for a big band or a big brand when I heard a recent opportunity through the music industry. I did have some branding questions for another company recently and was shocked at the level of expense some marketing people ask for their services. My version of what makes […]