Month: October 2012

No Fear

With today being Halloween the thought of the day may be more akin to avoiding negative stories or visions rather than believing what we hear or even see. What may be true for one person doesn’t have to be true for everyone. They’ll no doubt be some grisly figures on the streets of Britain this […]

Valuable Questions

Every so often we have to look at our focus and question our values as to whether what we are doing is right for ourselves, those we work and associate with and the world at large or the greater good if you prefer. So often doing what we think is right can actually be detrimental […]

Mental Health

I’m told today is National Mental Health day and how strange to hear from a spiritualist today of all days that she had seen something in me that seen had never seen before. Her vision was that I had a twin, and exact replica of me. She claims she could see us walking side by […]

Frustrating No

Sometimes the smallest things in life can be the most frustrating. I’ve recently had a situation where because I’ve moved house I haven’t been able to prove my residential address to secure a mortgage for another property I wanted to buy. When every other criteria has been met in the very lengthy process of securing funding you […]