Month: November 2012

Far Away

As this blog gets posted I’ll be heading to the far away islands of Fiji. A little thing Anthony Robbins said earlier this year, that it was the happiest place on the planet, inspired me to be there for the momentous date of 12.12.12. It’ll be a big day for me in particular as I […]

Bits and Pieces

The whole of anything normally comes from the bits and pieces that make the finished model. Try and create anything without all the parts and you’ll soon see how difficult it is to achieve anything worthwhile. Nothing happens without some foresight to make it appear. When we want to make something of value getting all […]

Remember Remember

Bonfire night passed last week without much mention from me but when I think back it was probably one of the most memorable I’ve ever had as the Alresford torch walk was an event I thoroughly enjoyed,particularly as the likes of which I thought had completely disappeared through the modern riggers of health and safety. […]

Just Another Day

Sometimes went we want something badly we wish away time to get there faster. Today is just another day but I’ve been looking forward for over a week to meeting someone I’m seeing tonight. The days go quick enough as it is and I can rarely fit in all I want to do, but there […]