Month: January 2013

Moving On

So my time to move has come yet again when tomorrow sees the start of the shift to live with my beloved. It’s only the fourth move in a year and property based people really should be used to it but laying down roots becomes an important priority as the years pile on. I want […]

A Good Year Ahead

It’s less than a fortnight now to the Chinese New Year celebrations when one of the most populated nationson the planet see developments in their lifestyle and plans for the year ahead. They certainly know a thing or two in China and I’ve been learning more about FengShui and Chinese astrology over the last year […]

Looking Forward

So we’re all into the New Year good and proper now and resolutions are probably being broken all over the country. That doesn’t mean we should let our business goals slide though. One of the major factors of meeting targets is setting them and working towards them with a focussed attitude. Having the right mind […]

New Year Old Space

Well the de-cluttering has started with great aplomb and it has certainly revealed a lot of value in what has been boxed and stored away. The question is to whom is it valuable? Moving all my gear from my city apartment to a house in the Manchester suburbs is only the first part of the […]

Happy Old Year

So once again the world didn’t end as all the pessimistic pundits predicted. That of course doesn’t mean it won’t end tomorrow or sometime very soon but I’ll bet my life on there being some form of civilisation this time next year. After discovering the other day that pension beneficiary tax went up from 35% […]