Month: February 2013

Spoilt For Choice

I tried to buy a filing cabinet the other day to fit the gaping space in my new office and of course make the systems run smoother. Not a massive task you may think until you try to do it. Whilst in Manchester I visited five retail outlets with this simple purpose in mind. Two […]

Family Matters

Being a workaholic is all about being passionate for what you do, your goal or your reason for doing it. What many of us forget, particularly as our family grows is that they need us and we need them and by getting a better work life balance everybody gains. It’s all very well thinking and […]


At an event this morning one of the speakers mentioned the connection between austerity and prosperity as words which are similar but actually have opposite meanings. There is a mind set about both which can be equally opposite. Do we look at how much we have and appreciate it or how much we want and […]

Helping Hands

Moving house and home is no easy matter but it certainly doesn’t have to be stressful if you plan it right. The furniture went last week and to be quite honest that was the worst part as the lads moving my antique pieces were about as careful as a couple of monkeys and then demanded […]