Month: March 2013

Pay the Price for Love

Why has it become so hard to do the simplest of things like pay bills? Even when I have enough money in my account and actually want to pay for services rendered most companies need proof of who I am. Do they think someone else is going to pay my bills for me? It’s even […]

Pain and Suffering

I’ve been going through it this last week. Something that started as a little pain in the neck has become a major disruption in my life. The weekend was racked with pain. Monday morning brought Acupuncture followed by a Chiropractor in the afternoon. No relief to speak of so Tuesday brought the Rossiter treatment followed […]

The Cost of Life

Last week I was invited to a meeting of what I thought was going to be something very inspirational only to find it was a Tarot reading. I’m not putting anything spiritual down, but had I been told the nature of the event I probably would have spent my time elsewhere. As it happened he […]