Month: June 2013

Grown Ups

There are times when the most trivial things affect our well being and make us frustrated and there are times when we can take the biggest knocks in life with dignity, understanding and practical application to go forward and create more from the disaster than we ever would have done from the original aim. Valuing […]

Inspiring Intention

Today is my brother’s birthday. He lives in Australia and I haven’t seen or spoke to him for a couple of years. I had intended to make contact many times before today but life gets in the way. I might not even get chance today. I don’t have to wish him happy birthday or have […]

Self Destructing

There are times when people do or say things which may be intended to help us and yet we see it as an affront to our ability, our dignity or our value. There are other times when we see people and make first impressions based on limited information which can turn out to be wholly […]

Gifts for the one you love

Today is the birthday of the woman I passionately admire, love and adore and so this blog was written last weekend as today will be a play day doing anything and hopefully everything that my beloved wants. Finding a gift to show my feelings is quite another matter! There was a time when I considered gifts […]