A Good Year Ahead

It’s less than a fortnight now to the Chinese New Year celebrations when one of the most populated nationson the planet see developments in their lifestyle and plans for the year ahead. They certainly know a thing or two in China and I’ve been learning more about FengShui and Chinese astrology over the last year than ever before.Looking at other cultures can give us an insight into many things we see as ordinary which can have a major effect on our life.Sometimes it pays us to do things out of the ordinary, something unusual or new and looking at other people’s way of life can give us the ideas we need to create what we want for ourselves and those around us. By having a passion about something more than just the business itself you could find an avenue that becomes a niche in your particular industry. There is always a niche within a niche to aim at to make your business better by giving better value to your customers or clients. We should know the values of the people we work with so we all work to the same philosophy.

Relationships with the people we work with are nearly as important and the people we live with. All relationships work better when we see them as a place to give to, not to take from. By expecting our colleagues to do everything for us instead of us trying to work with them to achieve something between us we will only create animosity.Working as a team gives an all over feeling of connection but only one person working against the team can bring about resentment, mistrust and the downfall of a project. As we head into 2013 we can see lots of reasons for optimism if we look. Having a great team in place is going to make a big difference to our year ahead as we have fun whilst working together with a new focus to make this year our most successful ever. Having examined how we performed last year we now need to look at the strategy we use to push us ahead of the competition.The hardest step in achieving anything is making the decision to be committed. Once we have made a decision we have to take immediate action to bring about its realization or procrastination can set in and opportunities lost forever.

Seizing opportunity is what makes the difference between those who have the will to succeed and those who merely wish.Opportunities are everywhere though and seeing them is one thing but making them into something tangible is quite another matter. This year we are committed to making the most out of every hour of every day with the onus on doing well for ourselves and helping others into the bargain. Our values should guide our decision making as it proves our character and creates what we can achieve. By knowing what is important to us as individuals we are able to make decisions easier. Those decisions have to be developed into a plan of action though and a team must be led not work on its own intuition or the different personalities that are needed to create it, will pull in opposite directions. After spending three and a half years building the network of specialists we have, we now feel confident with the market and our ability to give more value to the end user than any other company we have ever come across. By taking the best of what other service providers give and enhancing it to our own qualities we are assured of theethical service we can give.

Being able and willing to serve is a dying ability in Britain, the best of service seems to be provided by the Eastern Europeans but then perhaps I’m biased.Reading ‘Maverick’ by Ricardo Semler is recommended, it has restored some faith in human nature and it’s nice to know that ideals can work for the good of all involved. The new conscious thinking will hopefully bring about more personal freedom through the willingness of people to put social business before personal materialism. It’s often said that to achieve anything, people will do more to avoid pain than they will to gain pleasure. This can have a major impact on our decisions making particularly if by serving others we are intent on giving pleasure. Yesterday I heard of free sexual services being offered for disabled people and tried to work out what emotions are being dealt with through the caring attitude of the providers. Helping others to overcome their rejection, anger and frustration must be rewarding but they are also offering support tothose who feel lonely and depressed. By giving people an opportunity to overcome their anxiety and humiliation they are reducing their own feelings of failure or guilt. It’s good to commend those who think differently for the good of others.

Endeavour to make your year ahead good for others.

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