A Hundred Years from Now

Meditation has certainly become more popular over the last few years. When the late, great Steve Jobs of Apple fame, declared he meditated, many people thought they would see the benefits and tried to cash in on something that simply isn’t a quick fix for most of us. In a hundred years from now it won’t matter how most of us have done what we’ve done; only what we’ve left behind as our legacy and those that remember us will be important. We can’t all be exceptional and we should all be humble but to leave something of value for another generation to build on must be wonderful. There used to be a common story that a business only lasts three generations, the first one starts it, the second one makes it and the third one spends it. When we look at business with a purely monetary sense we can see the thinking behind this fable. I found out recently that one of the world’s major cereal manufacturers was not set up with what would typically be seen as a modern methodology, but for rather spurious reasoning of the time. Likewise what most people see as a massive fast food business on most high streets, is in fact a property business kept growing by very skilful expansion planning and the seemingly ever increasing need for speed in everything we do, say and want. Business may have superseded old thinking but meditation has been around a long time too and needs patience to achieve anything.


Quiet reflection within our own heads shows us where we are at. When our mind is stilled, it reflects what our higher consciousness can create but every day must be part of the journey and you have to know where you are heading. Nobody lives your life for you, only you can live your life the way you want, but if you want inspiration and clarity to come into it, then allowing the mind to see clearly is one of the best ways forward. Confusion is normal, clarity of mind is certainty. There is a purpose for each of us if we can only find the space to let in the clear vision. Life is never certain; a moment of peace and clarity releases your mind and protects your senses. When the mind has awareness, it has a brightness which meditation is able to increase. The brightness notices our faults so we are not imprisoned by them. Worry and anxiety is a human normality and meditation protects us and helps release us from it. Whatever we believe we receive as our reality. Meditation helps us to resonate at a higher frequency and attract people into our lives that vibrate, think and live at a similar calibration. Nothing is easy even on this beautiful planet that we inhabit. Everything is energy and has a vibrational synergy, every thought is alive. We have an external aura all round us at least as big as we can reach, but we also have an internal emotional aura, the frequency of which can be held back by suppression of our life’s interpretations of everything we do, hear and see.


Most illnesses are caused by emotional blockages that can percolate into serious life threating problems. By working through our darkest moments and looking at how and why they affect us we can possibly see a way to change our thinking for the future to empower ourselves rather than give in to our ego self. There is no omnipresence that created everything, so much of what we see is an illusion and if we believe much of what we hear the whole physical Universe is a dream state. Energy however is very real in whatever way we look at it and our own physical, emotional and spiritual energies must in some way be connected to all the other energy’s out there. By looking within during meditation, we can question our own higher conscious energy against our ego wanting, self-destructive, greedy energy to find our purpose. Everyone vibrates at a different level, most of us are concerned with our bodies and conscious thinking and giving in to our ego allows our physical selves to become heavy, slow and weak. We can’t ignore our physical sensations, we are not just a lump of meat, but to repair our physical body we need to repair our mind and using the energy of meditation is still a relatively new practice. Love it or hate it you are the body you are in, so you may as well make the most of it.


By default we are all body conscious as we feel pain, but by using the power of our mind we can change from having a body that lives to survive to a body that gains pleasure and comfort by working in tune with our higher conscious thinking rather than our ego self. We can be the hero of our own dream rather than live in a love/hate relationship with what we see in the mirror. Many of us have some kind of trapped thinking around our bodies that make lots of surgeons, pharmaceutical companies and therapists wealthy, but by using the power of meditation we can raise our vibration to bring happiness, courage and integrity in to support our bodily world. Society holds a large spectrum of chaos, whilst there are lots of well-meaning people trying to bring society together there are more than a few think with a primitive animal mentality even though our higher conscious thinking is very singular. Even religions have massive instinctive tribal type followings. Instead of people being able to think for themselves it must seem easier for many to be told what to think even if they don’t necessarily agree with it. Our mind adopts certain habits to make us who we are. Negative thinking doesn’t support any of us well even though so many people seem to live in a spiral of doom and gloom. When we ask ourselves about the things that we do, hear and see, in terms of does this us assist us positively? We can usually remove a lot of clutter from our life and mind very simply. Of course it won’t matter to most of us in a hundred years from now but it can make a massive difference in the meantime.


Endeavour to bring more benefits to your life than deficits.

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