Hello there, welcome to my website.

You may already know me from my days in business, property investing or my other endeavours.

I see most of those things as a former life now though.

When I reached my fifties, I realised why I had been so successful in my work and so happy in my life. It wasn't because of what I had achieved or amassed in a physical sense.

It was all due to my understanding of relationships and values.

Falling in love with my second wife Dawn, at the most difficult time of my life, made me appreciate the real value of a true heart and soul connection.

Lionel Palatine

Selling my business gave me more freedom and our obvious happiness led us into helping and guiding others with their relationships, finding success of a different sort, through seeing others find their own joy.

Dawn and I created workshops to take people through a process to begin to know themselves so they could ultimately find their own soul mate.

These inevitably brought requests to help struggling couples to empower their partnerships.

I have found the joy of helping people this way has far exceeded anything I have done before.

This led me to devising a program for couples who were having problems with their relationship, which has seen many people reach new heights of connection.


I now devote a large amount of my time to this important work and invite anyone who needs to bring harmony to their relationship, to contact me for further information about my conscious coupling programme - The Seven Jewels.

When I work from my heart I bear witness to the happiness that can unfold.

It would be my pleasure to welcome you and your partner to Blissland.