Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Whether or not we take action on our thoughts is influenced by the questions we ask ourselves and our complacency with where we are now. Is there any value in this? Can I do it? What are the alternatives? Are these the typical questions you ask yourself? So many people want to achieve something in their life, they want to leave a legacy, or help others, or create for themselves and yet they struggle to find what they can do to make themselves wealthy or content in another way. It has to start with finding your passion, once you know your aim in life you can aim to satisfy it. That is very different to the practicalities of starting up in business which must start with realism. This is what is taught with the Pyrangle system for Financial Independence. The two really go hand in hand. Know your passion and realise where you are financially. These two starting points alone get you ahead of most people.

It’s not only the questions we ask that shape the destiny of our business but also the questions we fail to ask. Looking at a worse case scenario can be good for us because if we are confidently able to handle the problems, the benefits should be easy to manage. None of us are invincible and checking our failings can bring about the success we desire. By evaluating what we do as we go along we are much better placed to make improvements. It’s very easy to get caught up in a self defeating cycle of negativity especially when working alone. I’ve seen a case of this recently with my outside contractors and know how hard it can be working single handed day after day.

No Matter what our age, now is the time to live it up. Living life to the full and acknowledging our own self worth goes hand in hand with hard work. The work rest and play elements of our lives are essential for fulfilment, each has its own part to play in the Pryangle of life. The combination of physical, emotional and spiritual elements need to be in tune and balanced with each other to create contentment without want. The less we want the more we have. Success is a science of conditioning, our own beliefs either personal or cultural can hold us back. Unless we believe we can change whatever we want we will never take action to bring about that change. We need to reward ourselves when we do things right and do the right things.

On Monday of this week I took a day of recreation in Legoland to remind me of something I lost as part of growing up. At the weekend event the organiser very perceptively recognised my need for variety is stopping me from moving forward with public speaking as I should simply because I don’t focus on one clear story of my past to get across the message I am trying to convey. This is something I have taken on board and with my new coaching partner need to address and hone to give a seamless performance. When life is full of so many stories we struggle to realize which will be the most poignant and valuable to help others learn valuable lessons. To give we have to have received. Knowing what we want to give and how to give it to others is quite a dilemma that needs attention to detail and serious thought. Playtime helps procure thought.

Endeavour to play to help you think and value your work.

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