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I’ve just got back to Hampshire to find the weather just as miserable as it was in Manchester when I left there. This time I’ve had ten days in the North West trying to get things working but in reality I’ve been hampered by the best thing possible. There is no way I’m ever going to be the same man again after this last trip. Love has changed the way I feel about everything particularly being in Hampshire when the person I love is half way up the country. I have a commitment here which I’ll see through but when you feel with your heart it makes the hardest things simple and often the simplest things seem overwhelmingly difficult. We must and should value passion for the things we do but when we are passionate about another person then the usual rulebook doesn’t count.

The power of love can overcome anything and the words we use in love talk, like every other communication, forms the threads on which we base our experiences and ultimately our decisions. Had I known just several months ago how different things could be I would have made very different decisions. Once again hindsight is clearer than the road ahead.

I also had the privilege to meet with an artist to the Dali Lama. I couldn’t pronounce his name but his teaching was wonderfully transformational.
Not just his artwork which was without doubt awesome and beautiful but also the stories he told of his experiences and the people he had met. Being able to communicate effectively gives people the power to touch the hearts of others, inspire and uplift but how often do we consider the language we use in our own head?By using the right words to empower ourselves we should be able to speak confidently and quickly build trust in those with whom we wish to work. There is great power in words and yet few of us are able to tell ourselves how to raise our game sufficiently to make any difference to what we attempt achieve. Any good coach or mentor needs to show the value of our own thinking and subconscious communication to create something worthwhile. Those who think they can are the ones that do.

Another matter that came to the fore this last few days was how much do we actually need? Are we better with fewer possessions than more? Space clearing and de-cluttering are going to be big on my for agenda for next year as I start to think about setting out my stall for the years ahead, I certainly don’t want anyone else to have the trouble of getting rid of what they would see as junk even if to me it is valuable, and that goes for business as much as personally.. It’s funny when we look at what we actually keep and why. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure but how much of it do we need? With much of my stuff spread across three places at the moment, settling down in the New Year in one house again will be real contentment. The move itself will be the opportunity to clear remnants of the past which is what I thought I was doing when I moved South instead of which I’ve just spread out more. I need to set a new standard for myself. It was suggested to me recently anything we haven’t used in a year is a waste of space and I’m now seeing the reality of that statement.

Small changes can make a big difference to everything we do in life. The last three weekends have shown me different perspectives on what I do and for what reason. A business weekend, a spiritual weekend and an emotional weekend one after the other have allowed me to see what is important to me as a person, what I value most and what will help me to formulate what I want to do for the most benefit to myself and others. Often we think we need far more than we actually do, I know kids these days have far more than ever but when I think back to the happiest times of my life and my childhoodthere were surprizing few material possessions involved. Now again as I’m thinking how happy love actually makes me nothing seems worth keeping other than the feeling itself. It’s very lucky people that know and feel true love for another human being especially as it takes the best part of a lifetime to understand what it actually is.

I’m not the only person feeling upbeat at the moment either. Whilst negativity and aggression seems to rule whatever bit of news I see, a whole variety of acquaintances are telling me of similar tales of their feelings both for individuals and the world as a whole. There is a complete underlying unitycoming in the population which should change the direction of thought by the enrichment of lives through the power of women which I support in every way. The motherly intuition and homemaking instinctof the female gender is far more valid than the need for power of so many men. Let’s hope it’s a real foresight to a new positive age instead of the present self-defeating cycle.

Communication is the art of expressing understanding.


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