Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. ~ Helen Keller.

Some people feel alone even when they’re in a relationship. Thinking you’re alone often indicates depression, loss, or other sadness. We should never feel alone if we value ourselves. Loneliness can come from a circumstantial cause and with help can easily be overcome. Feeling alone is quite a different matter that may take months to overcome. We can each add to how it affects others simply by not understanding or lacking empathy, through being inconsiderate of another person’s feelings.

Being alone in a crowd can be a painful experience that can soon lead to greater problems. Teenagers are particularly prone to being alone, thinking they don’t fit in with anyone or anything. We’re seeing the young person problem later in life now with people in their late forties struggling without hope. It could be a knock-on effect from the pressure of the Coronavirus lock-down etc. Or it could be the general malaise caused by the speed and expectancy of modern life.

In many ways feeling alone as an adult is even harder than the teen years. There are less places to turn and less people to support those in need. Our late forties should be and often is a releasing of pressure. From it should be born the fantastic fifties where we could all be emotionally stable, physically able, and financially capable. Unfortunately, this is simply not the case for many people and what would be the prime of life becomes a full-time nightmare.

Suicide is particularly prevalent amongst men in this age range as they see little escape from their self manifested torture. Divorce, family breakup, loss of parents, loss of career and purpose, loss of financial security are all potential reasons. Our monthly men’s circle, recently formed women’s circle, and soon to be added couple’s circle hope to be able to alleviate some of the suffering. Talking openly about sadness and the pressures of life can help people to realize they are not alone.

We each exist in oneness, however without understanding duality we can easily get lost in our own story. It can be a heavy spiraling effect that seems to have no end and no foundation to its beginning. When we explore the things that have affected us without realizing it, we can begin to see light through the darkness. Finding a new way to be alone with a goal and plan, can enhance and empower a life to more than ever thought possible.

Lots of well-meaning people don’t necessarily help someone who feels alone. One person who understands abuse, grief, guilt, hurt, rejection, shame etc can often do far more. We all have the ability to help others through our own experiences if we are willing and able to share. Attachment or lack of it can cause massive problems. Anxiety can build over many years into a powder keg of self-destruction. Finding the way out of the maze of pain the mind creates is the key to happiness.

Don’t give up on yourself if you’re feeling alone xx.

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