American Food – No Thanks

Well after a week of American food I am so glad to be home to enjoy the delights of simple home cooking again. Little did I appreciate it before this last trip to Ohio but once you’re off the tourist trail you really can see the problem they have over there with weight. Overeating and the wrong diet in the USA make the population of Manchester look positively healthy in comparison. No wonder they don’t have a health service, what with weight, the guns, and the drink and drug problems they could never afford an NHS like ours. I’ve never taken our health service for granted. I think they do marvellous work against the odds not only with helping people particularly in emergency situations but also in training people who go on to provide help to health institutions all over the world. Much of the British research is at the forefront of technology and helps to lead the way on health issues around the globe. Everyone should be responsible for their own health for the most part. We can all have accidents but if we don’t look after ourselves we bring on more problems. Anyone with eating troubles should try some of the diets that are available through and anyone with diet tips should leave a review there to help others.

I’ve been reading a lot about meditation and positive energy whilst I’ve been away and I’m going to try to combine yoga and meditation when I can find the right class to join, if you’re like me in not knowing which type of yoga would suit you best you can get a review book through There’s lots of horrible news in the States too; acid attacks, shootings, stabbings, car crashes all causing more problems and grief by the hand of man. For a country that has so much some positive thinking amongst its people could go down well. For the most part though, the Americans are genuinely nice and helpful. They certainly understand business and marketing and are willing to work with anyone of the same mindset. I’ve made some good connections whilst I’ve been there and found some excellent opportunities for anyone who wants to master their own destiny. Contact me directly if you’re looking for a start-up business as they might not be around long enough to actually get onto the website.

We had a super day out at the Toledo zoo on Sunday. The weather was just right and its home to some fantastic creatures and some very rare amphibians. It always amazes me to see the variety of species, how things can be the same and yet so different is incredible. I didn’t notice any of the animals being overweight though, maybe we can all learn something from them.

Endeavour to be healthy…….always happy to help…..just ask.

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