Balancing Act

I clocked another year up recently and at the time it’s always fun or exciting or thought provoking, but a week or so later when we reflect on the passing of time and the realization of just how short a life is, it can be quite daunting to think of how some people really don’t live their lives to the full. So now I’ve started saying at the adult day care centre we call work that if anyone complains about how tired they are or how long a day is, they really should think about how short their life actually is. So many people grumble about everything without appreciating all the wonderful things that life provides. In reality no one in Britain has the right to complain as we are so lucky to have so much. We often forget that contribution is an opportunity to give something back.

Recently I travelled back from Hampshire to Manchester a day early to help someone who requested assistance with his financial plight. He was nearly an hour late for the meeting. I gave him a simple task to get him on the road to financial freedom. I asked him to make a single phone call to help him help himself and for some unfathomable reason he couldn’t even do that. The effort that I put in to attempt to help him, besides the benefits of the help itself in my world warrant a degree of respect, thanks, appreciation and communication. For him not to carry forward the results of our discussion only serves to prove to me that firstly his pain is either made up or not sufficient to drive him to improve his lot. Whichever, it is a poor reflection on him and attitudes generally these days that expect a something for nothing miracle cure.

My experiences have led me to the conclusion that those who need most ask for the least and persevere with their challenges in life in grateful respect of what they have and how much worse life could be. I can’t deny ever having an imperialistic attitude myself but it was always from a basis of wanting security for those I love not self promotion. Since changing my attitude completely and actually turning my back on wanting to own anything, I have found that others promote me far better than I could market myself. This simple deduction and observation of those people whom we might consider famous or wealthy has made me see real value and enjoy nature and creation in its absolute form far better than the trappings of success ever could. The links between the different energies aren’t always so easy to see.

Human energies can be said to fall into three categories. These three categories can be used in any situation for any purpose to find the ultimate value or success of any undertaking. Providing each element is satisfied in equal quantities by both sides of a personal relationship, a business undertaking or any other venture, then it will be in complete harmony. Few take these elements into account when looking to achieve anything. Whilst it’s good to be able to see the end goal clearly the pathway needs enlightenment too. Physical, emotional and spiritual elements don’t need to be in equal strengths within one being or entity but to create natures true connection they need to be in parallel with the equal and opposite requirement. Harmony isn’t necessarily an easy state to achieve.

Endeavour to be aware of balance in everything.

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