Be Yourself

To be yourself and find true happiness in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Be yourself and find true happiness is great advice for anyone starting a relationship. It can be a daunting prospect, meeting a new person. It’s been made easier over recent years by the internet. Dating sites are now prolific, they give people the opportunity to reject many before the actual contact. However, all the information doesn’t necessarily depict a personality. No matter how good someone might look, it’s their energy that makes all the difference.

Being lonely can be a very destructive place to be. Some people make themselves lonely on purpose. They have to overcome the problems of the past to move forward. Some can become lonely either from relationship breakdowns, death of a partner or general life change. Simply by being yourself, you’ll be different from everyone else. Trying to be something or someone you’re not will generally be seen straight through.

We all have something to offer. Finding the right connection is about finding the person who has the complimentary attributes. When you fit together with another personality you will know very quickly. No one is perfect, we all make mistakes. Often, we make mistakes in front of others. Don’t necessarily think that getting things wrong makes you less attractive. A sense of reality will far more easily endear you to the right person.

No one has the right to judge you for just being you. To be yourself and find true happiness, is actually harder than it may seem. We are all indoctrinated by television, marketing and our peers. When you have faith in yourself you have strength. How can your own beauty shine out if you try to be someone you’re not? What sense would it make to have someone attracted to a personality that is not real?

We all have our own foibles, weaknesses in our character can allow a potential partner to want to help us. Most people, particularly most men, like to feel they are strong enough to give of themselves. The act of giving is self-empowering. By showing your failings you are helping another to show their strengths. This in itself can be a connection that develops a relationship into a powerful partnership. We each also like to be supported in our failings if it is a learning process without criticism.

Most relationships fail from some form of expectation. When we have acceptance of each other for who we genuinely are, we grow together. Hiding your true self, keeping secrets or pretending to be someone else only creates low self-esteem. Be yourself, be real, be honest with whoever you meet, and live any and every relationship with truth. Whilst we all have failings, we all have strengths too. Let your personality shine out for what you can bring to a relationship.

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you to be anything other than your natural self. With modern day communications has come a need for us to fit into some kind of tribe. There are personality tribes that we work with. They help people develop their own sense of purpose, passion and power. However, unless you’re in the tribe that works for you, where you fit right in, there is likely to be conflict.

There is no place for dishonesty in a relationship. Many partnerships break down irreparably through one or sometimes both lying to the other. Trust is one of the biggest issues of short relationships and one of the biggest bonds of long-term partnerships. It can be hard work being in any relationship but being lonely can be even harder.

We shouldn’t try to change anybody else either. We can educate and guide, but change comes from within. It’s a natural process that continues to make us attractive to others. When someone doesn’t like what we are or feel, or how we look or speak, it’s time for them to analyse their own thinking not to reject us. The more encompassing we are the more love we spread.

To be yourself and find true happiness is to be more confident, don’t let anybody else’s opinion define who you are. http://www, We are always our own worst enemy and our sternest critic. We don’t need anybody else telling us what we know about ourselves unless they are being caring and supportive. Try not to hide anything particularly when dating. The things you like least about yourself may well be the things other like the most.

Never try to tell anybody else’s story, the genuine you will have enough interest to entice the right person. You don’t have to fit into any mould or stereotype. Let the unique you shine through. So much of what we see is marketing hype, the real person is in shorter supply these days and far more attractive. It might take time to learn who you really are. You don’t want to have that time determined by someone else’s interpretation of a relationship.

We see many cases of unhappy relationships. Some need guidance to get them back on the right track. Others need advice on how to amicably go their own ways. Virtually everyone we meet needs help with how to understand other people in their life. Relationships often start from physical attraction. That can be very short-lived, emotional and spiritual connection are far more powerful in the long run.

Compassion, empathy and forgiveness are real love in action xx.

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