Become an Expert in Who You Really Are

Strange how the vagaries of the old Napoleon Hill book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ are still as poignant today as ever they were in the 1930’s. In reality it is probably the most favourite of my business books even though I still haven’t read it from cover to cover in one go. I dip in and out again but always find something reassuring in its word. For anyone who has never read it I recommend it, for those of us who realise its value it’s a veritable gold mine of information. I never liked books as a child and detested reading out loud in school but I love it now and could spend a whole holiday quite happily just relaxing with reading. Nowadays I like to know about a whole variety of subjects and have books stacked up awaiting spare time. When I last went on a Demartini event he had reputably read over 29,000 books and had 50,000 in his sights before he dies. There is no way I would want to compete with that and yet I’m finding a thirst for knowledge that invigorates me. The common phraseology that when the student is ready the teacher will appear is so correct. In the last week I have learnt so much from the people I have dealt with than I ever could through reading a thousand books and, importantly what has come through is it’s not the books we read but the questions we ask that makes a difference to our learning.

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