Birthday Mentor

The events of the last week have made me consider what I’m working for, what am I aiming for and whether I’m moving in the right direction along the right path at all. I’m happier than I’ve ever been, doing what I do, but being passionate about things doesn’t pay the bills especially when you’re trying to help those who can’t afford to help themselves. Unfortunately there are a lot of people going under the guise of helping others who in reality are only helping themselves by relieving the unsuspecting of their hard earned funds. More than once I’ve fallen into the trap of paying over the odds for things that have been hyped up out of all proportion by greedy, unscrupulous and clever sales people. The internet is rife with offers and bargains and special deals which in my experience have rarely lived up to expectation. The thing is there’s such a lot of good stuff out there it just seems such a shame that we have to sift through all the rubbish to find it and get ripped off in the process.

So as my birthday approaches I start to think what have I achieved in the last year? When I analyse it I’ve learnt a lot, certainly as much if not more than any other year. What’s more is what I want to achieve in the next year and even more so I need to formulate a plan to push forward. On Monday I went to a mentor induction. I wasn’t even sure beforehand what a mentor actually is but everyone told me I need one! The meeting was really good although I haven’t yet met my actual mentor I got some good basics, one of which was I need to make time to reflect which is exactly what I was doing. Uncanny how someone can get paid to tell you to do what you’re already doing.

Some of these mentors can cost a thousand pounds an hour – they won’t get it off me though! I suppose it’s good to have confirmation that you’re doing things right. It could be September before I meet my mentor so until then I’ll just have to muddle along the same way as the last thirty odd years!

Personal development is really what it’s all about, how you are with yourself is probably more important than how others see you but we are perceived in different ways and if we want what others can give us we have to be able to work with them on their level. Communication is the biggest problem for most of us. When the modes of connection don’t let us down then the content of what and how we communicate needs to right for it to be received with the same meaning as its being sent.

When we can properly communicate our words, thoughts and deeds we should be able to achieve anything. I’m expecting my mentor to help me communicate better and understand more. Once I’ve been mentored, I might like to mentor others. Let me know if you want any details of how to get on a mentoring programme, without it costing you more than it’s worth of course. The course will last a year,once a month, it’s an excellent birthday present.

Endeavour to succeed…..happy to help…….Lionel – Palatine.

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