Bits and Pieces

The whole of anything normally comes from the bits and pieces that make the finished model. Try and create anything without all the parts and you’ll soon see how difficult it is to achieve anything worthwhile. Nothing happens without some foresight to make it appear. When we want to make something of value getting all the components can be as expensive in time as completing the task itself. Last weekend I spent half a day out buying the bits and pieces to make something which took me less than half a day to build. So often are all the same parts available in the same shop but if you want something out of the ordinary or you want it quickly the best thing is to go to all the places that have what you want. It’s very easy to become obsessive about something if you have an active imagination. The bigger our goals the greater our motivation needs to be. When we have no aim our mind and body can become lazy.

Creating an obsessive behaviour can be a good thing as it drives you forward giving you the energy to do what you obsess about. We have to be cautious of course that our obsession is worth the effort, we don’t want to be obsessive over trivial things so we should look to procure something valuable from our behaviour. Setting our goals high enough is key to pushing our self beyond our limits to reach our true potential. This month I have been to as many events as I could physically manage. November is traditionally one of the busiest months so for anyone who networks the choices of venues are staggering. All ten seminars I’ve booked into so far this month have been particularly well attended. Networking at these talks can often be difficult as you can only talk in between the stage speakers. Trying to get your message across in bits and pieces simply doesn’t work so a coherent short and precise pitch is required if you want to make contacts at this type of gathering.

For us as a company, business start-up events hold just the people we are looking for so it makes sense to attend as many as possible. We let somebody else gather the people together and just make our approaches to those who we see as good prospects. Looking for investors at a property networking meeting is far more difficult than many could imagine as most of the attendees are looking for the same sort of thing. Whenever we want something we have to look outside the box to get the best results. One discussion I had earlier today gave me a great potential source for property deals that I have never heard touched on or even mentioned at any event I have ever attended and that includes sourcing seminars. So often things can crop up in conversation or through lateral thinking, can bring all the parts together to make the whole.

I’ve suddenly noticed my weight has crept up over the last couple of months and again this will be due to the bits and pieces I keep nibbling on instead of eating properly and healthily as I should. Yet it’s so easy for us to fall into the trap of eating for pleasure or comfort instead of for health. When we wake and see rain or its cold we can be unconsciously conditioned to eat more because we want sunshine, so to fulfil us we eat instead. Taking control of our emotional and physical destiny can be as hard as controlling our finances. Only when we step back and look at all we are doing that makes up the whole are we able to assess what we need to do to create what we want. By controlling our own destiny we are able to give to others and receive what we want for ourselves without having to resort to clandestine measures.

Each of us has the ability to do anything we want provided we set our ambition high enough. Anyone who uses excuses for not getting what they want simply isn’t trying, isn’t thinking straight or has not taken the right advice. Being in control of the whole of anything means being able to gather the bits and pieces that make it up. We often spend so long thinking about a problem instead of being clear and spending our time thinking about the solution. No doubt its human nature to dwell on the negative, but often we don’t realise that the very thing we are thinking about is bringing more of that very same thing to our lives, so we need to think about what we want as if we already have it to bring it into reality. Whilst we can’t control many things in life we have the power to change the way we steer our lives.

In my last week of packing for my move back to the North of England I am finding that I have collected too many bits and pieces of my own. I’m on a tight time schedule to get everything sorted before my holiday at the beginning of December but in reality it is the small things that take the time. The same kind of thinking that has brought me to acquire all that I have is not going to get to where I want to be without it all. So by setting my brain in action now about space clearing and de-cluttering I am hopefully one step ahead when it becomes my New Year’s resolution for 2013. Strange to think that the years have passed by so quickly and yet I seem to have less time to do even less than I used to do. We all know the power of positive thinking, but unless we can enjoy the power we have to change any part of our life any way we want to, we are likely be struggling with the bits and pieces and missing the big opportunities.

Endeavour to seize every opportunity that comes your way.


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