Sweet Divine Delights

Last weekend had me sitting in on a radio recording of a spiritual leader at the beautiful Brahma Kumaris centre in Manchester. Set in their Quiet Room it was a delight in itself just to hear how one little lady could be so big and determined in her life purpose to achieve so much by […]

Remember, Remember

November this year started with a memorial service in tribute to man that was obviously loved by many, and who at only forty nine apparently died before his due time. I like to think as death in terms of we can only be allowed to part from this Earth when our service to others is […]

Working With People I Like

One of the main benefits of free thinking is never having to work with people you don’t like. It’s harsh I know as everybody has some beauty in them, but in reality there are some people you would rather not be in close contact with ever, let alone on a daily basis. When you have […]

Quiet and Peaceful Questions

The last weekend was a truly magical couple of days of no computers, just time spent enjoying the simple things in life like people, places and peace time to get our heads quiet with relaxation treatments, self- exploration and personal discovery to deepen our meditation experience. Today a client remarked on finding spirituality and we […]

No Private Thoughts

October is here, and as the colour of the trees is only just starting to change its obvious to some of us that autumn is certainly later than previous years. Whilst a delay in something like seasonal weather might not seem significant, it is actually showing the reality of what is potentially happening across the […]

Box Files of Our Emotions

Our brains compartmentalize everything like a very elaborate filing system. The millions of bits of information that come in every hour have to be registered and filed. Most goes into junk straight away until we learn to become mindful of everything we see and do, and then most of it still goes into junk with […]