Box Files of Our Emotions

Our brains compartmentalize everything like a very elaborate filing system. The millions of bits of information that come in every hour have to be registered and filed. Most goes into junk straight away until we learn to become mindful of everything we see and do, and then most of it still goes into junk with a small delay. Even the most intelligent of our species retain and compute only a tiny fraction of the overall ability our human brain capacity. Somewhere within this massive system are the emotional files which if we look at the whole system as stacked up box files, could be near the top or at the bottom of a big heavy pile? What colour would your emotional box file be? Perhaps we have bright coloured ones for good memories and dark ones for bad times. Each full of hand written notes of what happened to us with who else was there and who said what and what that meant to us at the time, what it meant to us as an on-going restriction or driver in our life, and what it continues to mean to us today. When we can change our emotional understanding of anything from a restrictor to a driver we can change the course of our lives, the lives of others and possibly the world. It could be years before we get to sort out our box files, just like the drawers at home or the office administration. When we come to look at it again does it have any bearing on the here and now? Should we have even bothered keeping that piece of information in the first place? Is this a good time to finally file it properly in junk, the shredder or even in the fire?


Having an emotional detox is in many ways far more important than our physical detox and once our emotional box is clear and light, our bodies can easily follow. Of course our emotional box is stored in our heart and if it’s heavy due to the circumstances of our childhood or any time up until today, our heart will be weighed down with it. The sooner we can empty out whatever is in there the better. Some people believe you can just let your box get heavier and never worry about its contents. Others believe you must sift through every piece of information one by one and re-file with adult knowledge into a new system. I tend to think we can periodically have a quick look through, learn from what stands out and make a decision on it and then dump the rest. The heart doesn’t tell lies and we should seek our instinctive, intuitive, innocence to take us back to the way we felt before any incident and find our true childish passion in life. Once we trust our own feelings and stop being fooled by our brain we can sharpen our resolve and be free as birds. Our brains are a programming machine that can’t be trusted unless they have be trained in sophisticated thinking as opposed to answering the ego self. When we open our heart instead of our head, we let it take control and be aware; it knows better than our brains what is external and where our passion and energy should be directed. The love of people’s hearts comes out in their appreciation, their creativity or their aspirations for others. It’s quite clear to see where most people’s hearts lay by their own capacity to self-destruct or enhance themselves individually or even the whole world collectively.


An acceptance of spiritual based thinking for the good of all over the individual is starting to transcend ordinary lives and people are beginning to see the power of love can be stronger than the love of power. Whilst many of the great scientists have been able to think logically and give the answers to provide much of what we know of human race, the understanding of everything is only a scratch on the surface. Daily we discover more and the more we understand the more we know we don’t understand. Sometimes the essence of something is more important than the action. Our heart love is energy with radiance and beauty. You attract whatever your heart resonates for whether that be a book, a job or a person to love. We all have a degree of jealousy and fear. Unconditional love is doing another’s bidding without question. There is no real common sense, time or question to the vibration or resonance of unconditional love energy, it just is.


Our ego self is our alter existence, what we can and will be without any control over our mind. What you think you are does not really exist, that’s only in your mind. What you really are is what others say, feel and think about you. Our ego needs to put labels on our box files and does not understand about the contents only the filing system. Our conscious thinking needs no labelling as what we are is better than whom we are. Each of us manifests ourselves and all that is in our lives. Our DNA is made up of everything that has been good and bad. When we are mindful we have the ability to feel comfortable about ourselves and within ourselves without fear of ourselves. Our ego self has a degree of fear and until we are able to live in harmony with our ego self we are unable to overcome its fears. Nobody can save the whole world from all the problems we see and hear on a daily basis because nobody can change anybody else’s ego, we have to do that for ourselves. Meditation can change the happiness, thoughtfulness and peace of anyone who practices regularly and long-term to increase the overall spiritual awareness of the planet. It takes many months and years of dedication to understand any big subject and meditation is really a journey into a better information filing system. Unconditional love with passion we term luve is the goal. Where are you on that journey?


Endeavour to empty your emotional files and fill them with value.

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