Boy Scouts on Bonfire

Saturday night saw me at the local Boy Scouts bonfire and firework display. As always it was very well attended and Guy Faulks himself would have been impressed with the organisation. How they thought that a couple of buckets of water around the perimeter fence would put out a fire of several thousand degrees I don’t know! Luckily they didn’t need to. Man was it hot though and yet I could stare at it for hours. The fireworks have been better in previous years but these are hard times and it didn’t help with the first ones making so much smoke that we could barely see the rest of the display although the rockets easily made up for it.

From there we went to supper at a friend’s new house. They only moved in a month or so back but now they want to knock down walls and change rooms around, I’ve never been able to see the value of such extensive alterations as the cost and stress of doing such works is often more than it would be to move house again and for the sake of harmony, especially where kids are concerned I’d be very wary of getting the builders in for a long term operation.

I had my walls insulated last week. The plan was they would turn up first thing in the morning and be all cleaned up and done in a day. The reality was they turned up at 2.30 in the afternoon without all the stuff they needed, they had to come back the next day, and they left such a mess I had to get a decorator in for a day to repair all the damage they had caused.

I’ve started writing another book, this one is number four. Writing helps me to handle stress I find. This one is about meditation and a particular technique I’ve been using recently which I have found very powerful.

Last week I did the first in a series of interviews with successful people. They are intended to help with the research for the new website but they will also be put on DVD and CD for reference and will be available to site members next year. I’ve another booked in for tomorrow and one on Friday too. Several other influential people have agreed to allow me into their personal lives as well so it’ll be interesting to say the least. I won’t tell them up front what the questions I’ll be asking them are, so all answers will be completely spontaneous and hopefully quite eye-opening.

Time is ticking away towards Christmas now and lots of people start getting into panic mode over presents and expense and parties and families and every other conceivable worry. I was considering taking five days in Morocco for the period which might still be an alternative. I might have to buy a TV if I stay at home and as I’ve not had one for so long the intrusion of it into my life might be a bit too much now, whereas time in the sunshine and back for New Year seems very appealing-we’ll see.

I’m away for each of the next three weekends so I really enjoyed some time at home last Saturday and on Sunday I even managed a good tidy up session outside. The leaves haven’t finished falling yet so I’ll have to do it all over again but it’ll be easier next time. Like a lot of things it would have been simple to leave it but the satisfaction of having done it every time I look out of the window, far outweighs whatever else I would have done with the time. Grabbing some outside time when the weather is dry makes up for all those rainy days.

Endeavour to enjoy the outdoors……. help yourself to feel better.

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