Breakthrough or Break Out

A strange phenomenon has happened to me over the last few weeks. Three weekends ago, I came down with my first cold of the year. It streamed all weekend but with meditation and concentrated energy it was gone by Monday morning. That was the week I was flying to America with my son to see Tony Robbins. On the way I caught another cold which spoilt the first weekend in LA where we wanted to enjoy the sights before driving to Palm Springs. By Monday morning it had all but cleared again. So the week with Mr Robbins was insightful, confirmative and even heart rending but I was waiting for a breakthrough that didn’t arrive. I don’t really know what I was expecting to get from it, but just the understanding that I’m going in the right direction is certainly something worth having. So when he asked if anyone had not had a breakthrough I didn’t stand my ground and question him. It was called Date with Destiny, and really was to establish your life purpose and congruency of what you’re doing. It was certainly a revelation for my son and we both played full out making it a momentous occasion. Unfortunately what has become more memorable is bringing home the most horrendous fever on the third weekend. As hypnotism and emotional healing goes, I don’t really want anything that is going to make me weak when the whole essence of the show is to become strong enough to do whatever you want to do..


If you’ve never seen him or even heard of him, he’s certainly worth looking up, I can best describe his events as a cross between Billy Graham on steroids, a really good disco and a rock concert, but the best part of around a hundred hours in one week is totally and utterly exhausting. Now we Brits aren’t the most flamboyant of nations, but most of try to do everything to enhance our lives and that of our love ones. The reality of the event when you clear away the rara Robbins is that everyone is either hurting over love, searching for love or completely missing the point of life. Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed the emotional roller-coaster ride and the guy is undoubtedly a master of his art, it all became a bit too much for me though, and when the end finally came on the Friday night (and I mean night 16, 17, 18 hours days are normal). With 2,200 people paying a substantial amount of money he cleaned up a cool few million this week. One problem with being in a room with that many people for that long however, means there are bound to be bad energies as well as good and germs lurking everywhere to break my good health again this last week. So for me to start up on the Saturday morning with a deep cough that developed rapidly into a mind numbing fever which even after three days of solid sleep I am struggling to type, think or even breathe is not at all good.


One of my first intentions for the year ahead was for greater health, and yet before I had contemplated going I was fine and generally eat a good balanced diet. That’s not so easy in America either, and the size of some of the guys over there is frightening. While I’ve been semi unconscious, I have given Mr Robbins a lot of thought and whilst I have definitely come away with some understanding and wonderful memories, I have a lot of unanswered questions around masculinity and femininity. I am so much in love, and so amazingly appreciative and grateful for the wildly beautiful woman Dawn, who incredibly wants to marry me next year, has brought into my life. For me to end up having to ask myself so many questions about my own masculinity is a bizarre way to have any kind of breakthrough. I’m a believer in the Universe and manifestation, I understand mediation and up until this week believed I was a harmonic balanced human being between, emotional, physical and spiritual thinking, I now feel less of everything they promote than I did before the event or maybe that’s just the illness? Then it occurred to me that perhaps I’m doing too much, trying too hard, instead of going with the flow. What I want to achieve in the future isn’t what I wanted to achieve in the past, it’s far bigger, better and even needed more. I feel I have learnt so much generally, not just from the likes of ego worshippers, or maybe I just need a rest to enjoy my beloved.


So next Wednesday is Christmas Day and the Wednesday after is New Year’s Day, so I won’t be going anywhere near a computer. Any business that emails me on either of those days is going right in the junk folder.

If you do read my blogs and enjoy them, I know of at least one or two people that do then thank you but early next year I be blogging for others sites and this current site will become just a link page to bigger understandings about love. It’s far nearer my heart than anything else. The world is full of people needing healing, that are just wandering around without a clue of what they need healing from, trying everything that can potentially do them more harm than good. So for that reason my woman with her triple Doctorates and soon to be an Interfaith Reverend Minister and I are going to set up our own love classes. Much cheaper, much more local, much more informative and without all the rara to guide people to find their beautiful selves. I wish everyone a very happy Christmas without any illness and an amazing 2014 that answers all your dreams, prayers and hopes. Comeback periodically to see where we are, what we doing and why. Essentially we’ll be helping women to find love, men to understand love and everyone to share love. It’ll be love with passion too.


Endeavour to appreciate and be grateful for everything especially love.

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