It occurred to me this morning that August is going fast and I haven’t even started my tax return other than gathering the information together. This surely has to be one of the most burdensome tasks anyone who has their own business or contracts for themselves has to do. At some point if your wealth grows massively, you must have someone to tackle the whole job for you, but even then you would still have to input to it otherwise you would have no knowledge of your own self-worth. Of course we shouldn’t judge self-worth by material wealth alone as each of us has elements that are more valuable but the Inland Revenue are only interested in the money so every year we have to go through the same laborious tasks which with technology seem to have gotten harder to me rather than easier. It is good to be able to take a snap shot of how much money we have so we can set our goals and intentions, but the problem is that by the time you calculate the various factors its so far out of date you really have moved on.

Bank statements are the same in so much as by the time you have received them you’ve probably spent the money it says you have, or worse still you’ve got less than they claim you didn’t have at all. Online banking has made a huge difference to this and whilst we use it through the various businesses I personally have never been an advocate of it and prefer the old manual methods. I tend to be old school in most things I do, all the new creative finance methods for purchasing property sound very good on paper but when you come to it, there is little substitute for real wealth and traditional methods. Not that I don’t think we should move on, but I don’t think anyone should be goaded into financially overstretching themselves either. That’s easily done though, I’ve done it myself not realising how well off I was as some points. Anything financial whilst being cumbersome should also be viewed with an amount of emotional attachment as without it, it can be a very tough road.

There are countless systems out that work with your money to make you more, the experiences of the past few years for many of us have been that in fact you lose more than you ever expected to make and so end up regretting ever investing at all. Perhaps it shouldn’t even be called investing when so much of the time so many of us lose out. I know for me that the last year has been better than the one before in terms of disposable income from all the things I’ve done, but when it comes down to the actual money and we see where most of it is going it can be a bit daunting to say the least to realise that so little of what you earn you actually get to keep. Not that there is much sense in saving at the moment anyway, our wealth is losing value all the while and who can tell how long we have left to enjoy it?

Enjoyment of what we do is far more important than the enjoyment of what we have. Few people really grasp this as they want more, thinking that material things will bring them happiness when in actual fact the opposite is more true. The novelty soon wears off things and yet the worry of owning something and the possibility of losing it are far more stressful than not wanting it in the first place. Replacing imperialism with a benevolent attitude is far more rewarding. Strangely we don’t have to have a lot to be giving either. We can give of our time, our consideration, our energy and our good thoughts very cheaply. We don’t all need to have more than someone else to feel good. We do however have to have sufficient for our own needs and wants before we can feel comfortable in giving. Relying on the Universe to provide all, after giving away everything, may not be a good policy to follow.

Last night I read some of my favourite book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ as I often do. Reading the chapter on sexual transmutation made me think again about where so much of my young energy was wasted when I could have exercised focus on things that would have brought me more value in my life. We can’t put old heads on young shoulders as the saying goes. Life has to be a continual learning to be fully satisfying. We need to trust and believe in certain things and possibly certain people but we need trust and belief in ourselves far more. It’s back to that oldmind-set thing again, if we think we can we can, and if we think we can’t we certainly can’t. Being pushed and pulled by differing values can be tough. When we know what we stand for there are no doubts to cloud the sky.

Yesterday I signed up for two spiritual based courses like I have all the time in the world. Last week I attempted to join another University based business course. This weekend I’m at an on-going private coaching course. The more I consider I’ve learnt, the more there seems to be to learn. Life can be a vicious circle of need and understanding but why would we want it any other way, if only we had the time to do whatever pleased us instead of things for the sake of bureaucracy we’d all be in a better place.

Endeavour to enjoy everything.

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