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I had another good few days in London last week. My perception of the place has changed so much since I started my now regular trips south. I used to think of it being so far away, a dirty and unfriendly place and I suppose in some ways it is, but two hours on the train is just enough to relax into doing something. It’s certainly no dirtier than Manchester and I meet so many friendly people there that I find it hard to believe where my preconceived ideas came from. I still don’t understand how people can afford to live there as the rents and prices generally are so high but it has a real buzz to the place so I can see why people love it so. I can’t envisage myself ever living amongst so many people but as a monthly interlude it’s a super break from the norm.

I’ve been working on my sleep problems whilst I’ve been in the Capital along with a host of other things as usual. I think I’ve really started to turn a corner with this dilemma and if anyone who has Apnoea or any other type of night time trouble wants to contact me I’ve got lots of research that can help. Good sleep in the right quantities makes such a difference to your day its incredible how much you can achieve when you have it sorted. Diet is still high on my agenda since getting back from Ohio but getting the weight to drop off is no easy task. There are so many products and techniques on the market that finding the right ones are daunting that’s why I think the review and product sales at will be so successful it’s still an expanding market in more ways than one.

I met with my mentor again on Monday. Our one hour session lasted nearly two and he really has given me some food for thought but actually putting down into detail just what he wants me to do, to help me do what I want to do, is no simple feat either especially where there are deadlines to meet and targets to hit. Life becomes easier when you give yourself more time and bring the goals closer but that doesn’t necessarily get you where you want to be so it’s all a juggling act. Too many things going on and being spread too thinly across all interests makes for poor quality of work so I need to specialize more to give greater value, was one of the messages that came across, or do less for more is another way of putting it.

I’m starting to feel the morning chills and losing the evening chill outs so winter is definitely on the way – not something I’m exactly looking forward to. This is the time of year when I should be heading to the sunny isle of Cyprus, it comes into its own at this time of year and a three or four month session there would do me wonders right now. It’s not going to happen this year though. I can dream of those things and in the meantime just put the heating on and destroy a bit more of the world’s resources. I still haven’t decided about solar panels. I’ve got to have a new roof, the old one can’t go on much longer but saving for it gets further away all the time and the electric units on top would cost a small fortune. I’ll have to do more than give up chocolate to pay for it. On the other hand if I was in Cyprus, I wouldn’t need a new roof, I could sleep on it instead!

Endeavour to sleep well…….happy to help when you need it.

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