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Grown Ups

There are times when the most trivial things affect our well being and make us frustrated and there are times when we can take the biggest knocks in life with dignity, understanding and practical application to go forward and create more from the disaster than we ever would have done from the original aim. Valuing […]


It never fails to amaze me how some people can want something, expect someone else to get it for them and then not even be grateful enough to show any appreciation. An event reared its ugly head last week when a charity helping those that need it most and which ultimately has a beneficial effect […]

May Day May Day

The first of May isn’t necessarily a day to panic but it should certainly be a day for some serious thought as it signifies a third of the year gone. It’s an opportunity to look at what we have achieved so far in 2013 and at how we should be gearing ourselves up for the […]