Clear Fear

Nothing to fear except fear itself! How many times have we all heard this? Last weekend I attended an Anthony Robbins event at London’s ExCel. Thousands of people packed into the hall to hear how to face fear, change and improve, overcome obstacles and generally get whatever we want. Mr Robbins is without doubt one of the world’s masters at educating and entertaining. He’s worked with many of the leaders in every sphere and getting crowds to walk across hot coals is no mean feat for anyone. I hope everyone will have taken as much from him as I have and are able to put it to good use in their daily lives for enlightenment and empowerment to achieve their chosen goals.

When we want for others we want more without contradiction of belief but we have to fulfil our own wants first. This simple idea is something I have struggled with for many years. I have an underlying want for material pleasures which I suppress to give more to others who I feel deserve it more than me. This is completely foolish thinking when I know I’ve helped the wrong people gain from me, whilst not really achieving as much as I could for those who are more genuine. Obviously with hindsight we can see the mistakes we make but one huge error is not putting ourselves first. When we come from a place of real contentment we don’t have any issues going on underneath so we can be clearer in our subconscious and more consciously benevolent.

Unleash the Power Within was the name of the event which millions of people must have attended by now. It’s a first for me though and I was definitely impressed with the man. A friend of mine attended for the third time which kind of mystified me and possibly nullifies the value of the understanding but it has an effect which I can feel in everything I do and the way I think. Presumably over time this diminishes and going again tops up your self-belief and extends your understanding. Like most things you only get the answers you want when you ask the right questions. Knowing the specifics of your own thinking is a quest in itself.

Most of us could do with a boost in at least one area of our physical, emotional or spiritual make up. I was with a hypnotherapist friend who was viewing the proceedings objectively. She’s actually had more problems than most of the people I have ever met but was more than capable of dealing with them. I think perhaps it comes with the job too taking her clients troubles away from them and onto her own shoulders. Being able to clear the burdens you bear are an integral part of moving forward. Realizing that we all carry this baggage and knowing what we want to change has to come before the understanding of how to go about making the change. Really we all need a mentor to help us understand what we want to do, a guide to lead the way for us to follow and a support for us to lean on when we need it.

Endeavour to clear your fear to achieve your dreams.

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