Control –

In essence, if we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently. ~ Tony Robbins.

Conspiracy theories abound at the moment. Bizarrely some people’s lives are controlled by their belief that others are trying to control them. The recent lock-down measures have added to the malaise of stories being banded about. Whatever you believe is true for you, your beliefs control your life. Strength of belief is a valuable resource. However, unless you can take stock of what you believe, the outcome of your life will be dependent on it. Our beliefs can only come from come from three sources. We either believe what we are told, (religion has covered this one very well). Or we believe what we have researched and deduced to be right. Or we accept we don’t know and believe our lack of knowledge will not harm us.

Whether we take control or have control issues, we see the difference in the lifestyle we lead because of it. Taking control needs confidence or brings confidence when we succeed. Being in control of our own destiny is a sensible place to be. Much of society has been struggling due the control of recent months. There can be few people untouched by its effects. The likelihood is that it will alter all our lives going forward too. Strangely, its like a world war, only the enemy is not so obvious as they have been before.

Someone pointed out to me that for all the armies and expensive weapons there are in the world, a tiny germ has done more to undermine communities. However, at the same time it has actually brought a lot of community spirit to the fore. People are living in fear because of the virus, but so many  volunteered and put themselves forward to help. Even behind the news and hype, there are things going on that are renewing faith in human nature. When we all do a bit, the result can be phenomenal. Self control also needs to be mastered, there are higher figures for abuse within relationships coming out now than ever before. Few people are used to being confined, freedom is the sense is of great worth.

We each have to control our own destiny or someone else will control it for us. In reality we only have the present moment and we should appreciate the clarity we have. Unless we are strong enough to realize that we need to work hard to maintain emotional freedom, physical health and happiness we can all too easily be overcome by events.

We are all vulnerable and showing our vulnerability can be a good thing too. By showing our weaknesses we don’t necessarily have to accept all that happens to us.  A daily emotional, physical and spiritual practice can create the strength in all areas to see us through the challenges. When we focus on each of the energy centres within our body, we can bring about a profound change in our ability. The teachings of Seven Kriya shows exactly how this works. Injecting our conscious and sub-conscious minds with power, love and energy through appreciation and gratitude.

The only way to change anything is to take control of the things that affect it.

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