Moving house gives us the opportunity to rid ourselves of those things that really only serve to hinder us rather than make our lives easier. All the packing I’ve done over the last weeks has expended an enormous amount of my energy and yet the essentials I need can fit into one small box. The other night I visited a workshop pre-talk on de-cluttering our mind as well as our physical lives. Its surprising how much can be achieved by finding that space in our thinking to enable enlightenment to shine through. The next day I attended the actual workshop on finding our inner selves, that’s a journey I’ve been on for many years with little success so far.

When I lost all my contact details from my phone recently I wasn’t as perplexed as I might have been through the realisation that anyone who really wants me will ring again and the rest can be cleared from my list as surplus to requirements. It’s not only people who do us a disservice but objects, views, music or indeed anything that detracts our energy into the negative will have a detrimental effect on our focus and ability to achieve the very things we desire, De-cluttering our lives of the draining influences is a very necessary process which when periodically done can enhance clarity in everything we do. It gives us the ability to move on from our emotional pains and see the reality of what is important behind the mess.

This is the time of year for Spring cleaning and a good clear out of our friends and associates is as important as our cupboards and garages. We can spend so much of our time supporting others that we reduce our own effectiveness. There comes moments of realization of our self value and what we want to achieve for ourselves and those who touch our hearts and lives either directly or via their own story of life or even death. I spent four hours at a cancer awareness event yesterday and was enthralled and inspired by what I learnt. I was able to give some value to some of the attendees which satisfied my charitable side far more than giving boxes of clothes to the local shops although that gives a sense of recyclable physical value.

Something that really stuck out for me when I heard yet again about stories of the strength of the pharmaceutical companies and big business not wanting to make progress because it will damage their bottom line, were the words of the late great Jimi Hendrix. “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace”. It’s difficult to move forward if we clutter our lives with things that don’t really serve us. There’s a lot to be said for minimalism, I’m realising how easy it is to clean when you don’t have anything to move. De-cluttering my businesses of the waste in manpower and materials is an ongoing process looking at easier, better ways and automated systems to do things should increase our bottom line without causing too much harm.

Endeavour to focus on improving by removing your clutter.

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