Defining Moments

This last week I’ve been hearing a lot about defining moments. The light bulb in the head times when things become instantly clear. I’ve also heard about love and needs and the things that make us happy and I’ve been spending time thinking about just what does make us happy and those memories that we cherish and take to the grave with us. When I speak to my mum – something I don’t do nearly often enough – she tells me of all the things she did as a kid and remembers all the places she used to go and the people in her childhood. At 88 with Alzheimer’s and Osteoporosis it’s not easy for her. She scarcely remembers what happened an hour ago and yet all the things that made her happy or sad or frightened even as a small child she now remembers with clarity. So the early memories and effects of our formative years clearly shape our life right up to the end.

We all have six interactions in our lives which we need to feel fulfilled. Any of the six needs we can get negatively, neutrally or positively and the way we receive them determines who we are and what we do and have. Defined individually as; certainty, doubt, strength, love, growth and giving. When we look at how we have embraced or declined or reacted to each of these areas for any particular circumstance or situation or opportunity, we can see what we have created for ourselves is merely a reflection of how we interact with those six basic requirements. Sometimes it does us good to analyse ourselves and see how we can improve our lives and those of the people with whom we contact.

When someone leaves our life for whatever reason the sense of loss we feel is directly related to how that person was able to fulfil or interact with our needs over the time they have been in our lives. For some, this can be a time of great sorrow they never recover from. For others it could be a progression and a natural and encouraging time. Some find moving on can be a relief and an uplifting start to a new life with all the burdens left behind. All of our emotions are challenged in any of these scenarios and how we handle change within ourselves and our daily routines determines how we feel inside and what we can give out to those around us. Our hearts rule our brains so much that our desires become the forefront of our mind and whilst these same desires can drive you forward and help you succeed they can also cloud our thinking and restrict our ability to succeed.

I had my yearly eye test the other day. Lots of things can be discovered by looking into the eyes apart from being the windows of the soul, early discovery of brain tumours and the likes can save your life so I go for regular retinal photography now at the same time. The technology is incredible like so many more things today. On the way out whilst paying the bill I got into conversation with the receptionist who was surprised to find out that my favourite vegetable is spinach. Maybe Popeye had a bigger effect on my childhood than I give him credit for but there’s no denying that here I am over 50 still with masses of hair, good teeth and nails that grow so fast I can hardly keep up with cutting them. I still have a good positive attitude even though I’ve had some major setbacks throughout life as we all do.

It’s not the challenges that come to us which cause us problems but the way we deal with them either seeing them as something to learn from or negatively and not being able to get over troubles. There is always a way to turn a situation positive if you can only find it.

Energy, Enlightenment, Enrichment…..happy to help……

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