It never fails to amaze me how some people can want something, expect someone else to get it for them and then not even be grateful enough to show any appreciation. An event reared its ugly head last week when a charity helping those that need it most and which ultimately has a beneficial effect on the local community, was denied the right to help those very people it was set up for, by the narrow minded selfish attitudes of a few elected power driven individuals. We don’t need to be regular church goers to know that the power of love has to exceed the love of power for there to be harmony in our world. I suspect the very same individuals have misguided beliefs every Sunday that they are helping others by putting themselves first. Indeed there are times to put our own values and strengths forward but there are also times to be benevolent to those that through no fault of their own find themselves in situations where they need help. There but for the grace of the Universe go any of us whether we believe in scriptures or not.It’s only when we understand the plight of others can we care, it’s only when we care can we help and it’s only when we help can we feel love.

Many of us make the mistake of seeking wisdom through knowledge but with age and understanding of our own personal values, mission and culture, we realise that knowledge helps us to make a living but wisdom helps us to create a life. Our true insight or self wisdom can only come about through our intuitive, instinctive, innocence. Every good story is based on the same basic principles of the hard done to becoming the hero. What right have any of us to determine how others must think; unless someone is knowingly doing wrong how can they be discriminated against on the grounds of what they may do in the future. Surely the whole basis of a modern society needs to be based upon everyone having the right to make mistakes providing we accept our failings and learn from them. Anyone who has never failed has never tried let alone succeeded in anything. Each of us has the choice, either to help others or not to bother, but to pretend we have the concerns of others at heart whilst our own agenda rules what we do is as low as life can get. None of us can control all the events that happen to us but we can choose not to be belittled by them. Whilst our environment affects all the elements of who we are, we can achieve much more by encompassing those who need our help than we can by alienating them.
Apparently some people think the Government should be responsible for making them happy, however happiness is not a destination but a way of life. It is our own responsibility to achieve happiness but others can affect our ability to be so. Whilst we can control our own physical, emotional and spiritual elements the environment and other people within it are not necessarily something we can change easily. So much depends on our own values as it is only when we work to our higher values will we go forward with our own mission and not need outside motivation. Happiness doesn’t discriminate, people do. Happiness is an energy brought about by non-discriminatory thoughts, words and deeds. We either take this energy or we give it, but we don’t create it by supressing others who are less fortunate. When we work to our highest values we are filled with energy from its source the Universe where there are no limits. We feel our greatest level of significance when we are making a positive difference in other people’s lives. Ideas are fairly simple to create but implementing those ideas into action is where the biggest challenges lay. There are people who try to block the good work of others because their own agenda is so archaic. Understanding other people’s problems will make us more successful if we only start thinking in terms of what we can do to help others make a lasting change in their life. No one can love themselves if they cannot be benevolent to others.

Whatever we are attached to in life is worth nothing when we die. We can’t loveourselves fully if we discriminate against others. Pain and sadness is part of the natural balance of life and none of us will or should even remain unscathed from sorrow. We need to be able to feel the emotions of love and sadness, pain and anger to learn. Without learning there is no understanding. Unless we can believe in others ability to change we won’t be able to see any change in them. Unless we see the change we want others to be we cannot communicate with them properly. Until we are able to communicate fully there will be no love to create a bond. Once there is a bond of humanitarian love we can find the courage to help others in any way they need it. We can then appreciate and be appreciated for what we do and for which we then need to show our gratitude, not expect gratitude for something that wasn’t ever felt let alone demonstrated. Each of us has the ability to help others in some way be it time, energy, money, advice or even just concern. Where society is filled with those who want only for themselves it is a very sad and bitter place.Find the places where people want for others and you’ll be able to appreciate life’s sweetest moments.

Endeavour to enjoy life to the full; it has no place for discrimination.


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