Drive Safely

I only had one dance, mind you it lasted all evening and then four hours later I had the most painful horrendous cramp I have ever felt. For at least fifteen minutes I was in absolute agony, much to the amusement of so called friends. Four days later now and the feeling still hasn’t gone completely. What has amazed me was just how painful pain can be and how we really should appreciate the times when we feel good. I complain about having sleep apnoea but some people have to live with pain constantly and those who do, really ought to be applauded and helped by the rest of us but how many of us actually put ourselves out on behalf of others without expecting some sort of gain for our greedy thoughtless selves. Who do you trust to help you? In times of need it can be very difficult to find anyone who is willing to put themselves out on your behalf.

My daughter had her 21st birthday party last weekend and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves, it certainly looked that way. One of the nicest things was the band, who came over from Yorkshire and played beautifully for everyone’s enjoyment completely without recompense simply because they are her friends. I can’t really remember being 21 anymore but I know how nice it is to have friends that are willing to do things to help without wanting anything in return and I think we should all try to emulate that every day in our own way.

Some people on the other hand as I have just found out recently with one of my neighbours, seem to want to take everything and then refuse to give even a little when you ask them. I noticed it a lot a year ago when I shaved off all my hair for Cancer Research. Some people just couldn’t find it in their hearts to give anything at all and I think those who can’t give are the ones who lose out the most as the pleasure really is in giving not receiving. I’ve always found receiving embarrassing particularly if it’s something I’ve not worked for. I’d probably get over it if it was a lottery win though. Money doesn’t bring happiness however happiness does bring money and a lot of people just don’t seem to realise that.

Of course 21st birthdays no longer end with ‘just’ a party as she is now off enjoying a week around the Norwegian fiords whilst some of us stay at home grumbling about the weather. The weeks and indeed the years burn away increasingly quickly and family events let you see how everyone you’ve known lifelong is getting older, fatter, greyer or generally more grumpy and disillusioned. It’s funny how we notice change in others more so than ourselves yet it’s changing ourselves to be a better person that really is important.

I seem to have been in a current affairs black hole recently not having listened to the radio, TV or even read a newspaper. I know there are lots of horrible things going on out there but I’m really a lot happier not knowing about them. A couple of nights ago I saw a video clip about driving accidents presumably intended to make people think about road safety. It shocked me so much I simply don’t want to drive anymore. This morning I turned on the radio for a change and heard an accident locally to me has blocked off one of the busiest roads into Manchester. Somebody will be hurting from that I’m sure. One of my newest friends spends his life in a wheelchair following a road accident with a learner driver. These things happen so easily within just a split second things can change from laughter to disaster completely indiscriminately. So now I’m looking for someone to drive me around safely who won’t drive me round the bend at the same time. Get in touch if you think you fit the bill.

Endeavour to succeed but there’s no need to rush, take it easy.

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