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The energy of the mind is the essence of life. ~ Aristotle

It’s not the way you look that makes you attractive. It’s not your waist size or height that makes you miss out with the opposite sex. The energy you give off says far more for you than you could ever say for yourself. Whilst the way you look or your ‘normality’ may appeal in the physical sense, it’s likely to be very short lived in relationship terms. We can make horrendous mistakes from first impressions. Only the very shallow could be remotely happy if they base their relationship on outward looks. What we see though, can of course be very telling. Energy has a way showing itself externally in simplistic terms. Super positive energy goes before someone and their presence is felt as they walk in the room. Negative energy can be felt easily too, but many people have learnt to ignore it.

When people are in a state of flux, their energy can be deceiving. They can look positive, but their inner turmoil can be bitterly negative. During the last month a few old faces have returned for some guidance and or reassurance. One in particular had been in all sorts of trouble, caused by their own heavy over thinking. A single session was enough to leave them on a high without the need for medication or any substance use. It’s very rewarding to see the change in people when they bounce back from adversity. Another person still suffers from a bitter loss which still haunts them every day. Sometimes, when life can be cruel, we can never get over the pain. We can only to come to terms with the happening. In these situations empathy plays a massive part of the healing process.

Our aura is effectively the bubble we live in. We can miss the energy of anyone outside our aura, but when someone comes within our personal space, we feel it easily. Developing our aura though working with our inner energy centres, helps to bring positivity and protection. Understanding the way people’s energy can affect other people’s emotions starts with understanding your own feelings. When you know how to change and anchor your own state of mind, you can find the passion and power of what really excites you.

Relationships often fail because of the lack of communication. Arguments ensue from poor understanding of feelings. You can either be right or be happy. Let failures be your steppingstones to success in every aspect of life. The more you are able to think positively, the brighter your energy will become and the easier it will be to create your dreams in every sense.

Acceptance instead of expectation is the best way to find positive energy xx.


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