I don’t believe in failure. It is not failure if you enjoyed the process. ~ Oprah Winfrey.

When we can learn from our mistakes there is no such thing as failure. The only failure is in giving up; accepting defeat when you want something only proves you didn’t want it with enough passion. The person who never failed or got anything wrong never attempted very much. The whole country seems to be getting a lot of things wrong at the moment. The future is starting to look bleak for many as jobs start to disappear and debt rises at every turn.

We’re no different in Blissland, we’ve been struggling against the odds since the beginning of the Covid scenario. However, our positive attitude has paid off. We’re seeing smaller events starting to book in and one to one sessions being requested again. Our work is needed more than ever now as people are missing human connection or retaliating against the communication/relationship they have. So much of the failure thinking stems from childhood criticism.

The author of a new book about parenting recently sent us a copy which has joined the current reading list. The days of reading one book to the end and then another was overtaken several years ago. Now it seems a far more practical solution to have numerous books in various places. Providing I can find a pair of glasses, I can take up where I left off and have variety across the subjects. Some will be read quickly; at the moment one has been in progress for over ten months.

The lock-down situation should have given everyone more time to enjoy simple things like reading. My own circumstance certainly didn’t allow for any spare time and I’m physically and emotionally suffering the aftermath. We’re seeing it more and more as relationships and the economy changes so rapidly. Those who are busy are super busy and failure isn’t even in their heads. Those who are falling by the wayside are falling further than ever before and seeing less empathy in the process.

Enjoying life is largely about having a plan, a goal to reach an ultimate purpose. To get anywhere we have to know where we want to go – obvious. Not so obvious to many people is that to have the direction, you have to know where you are now, and how to get to your destination. In our third act now (60 to 90-year old’s) we’re focusing on leaving a legacy from all we’ve learnt. Our direction is about giving something back and leaving something of value for others to enjoy.

Failure is often not an option but a state of mind xx.

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