Family Matters

Being a workaholic is all about being passionate for what you do, your goal or your reason for doing it. What many of us forget, particularly as our family grows is that they need us and we need them and by getting a better work life balance everybody gains. It’s all very well thinking and saying we’re doing it for the family, to be able to give them more, so they can have a better life than us etc. Reality is that family members need time to share and enjoy each other and the simple things in life far more than they need all the expensive trappings of success. Board games seem to have dropped off in popularity compared to electronic entertainment but the old values of real family fun can still be enjoyed in this cheap and educational manner. Even for entrepreneurs there are games that can make a difference to the way youngsters think about money and wealth building like Robert Kiosaki’s Cash flow game. Sometimes we have to take stock and value those things that are most important to us not keep striving for more. By appreciating what we have and being grateful for what we receive we bring so much more into our lives.

Creating more isn’t necessarily about having more. Real wealth isn’t how much money we have it’s about how much freedom we have and how little we want. There are keys to achieving goals, it’s not about being interested in something it’s about being totally committed to it. Persistence will produce far more than we can imagine and can be the most effective resource in producing the lifestyle we want. Yesterday I had a consultation with a teacher, one of the many who are disillusioned with their work not because of the job itself but because of the way it has to be done through the politics and rules and regulations of modern practices. Turning her life around to create a residual income through property and the internet certainly won’t be as simple as the people selling their courses make out, but if she takes sound advice from the experienced people I put her in touch with she will have the best opportunity to follow her dreams and teach abroad whilst making passive income here to provide for her retirement.

The old belief of working hard at school and going to University, getting a good job and retiring on a solid pension is more or less dead now, and if you are still advising your children to follow that path I suggest you wake up and see the reality of what is actually going on in the world. Once you have a compelling future the results will speak for themselves. Live a life according to the old ways and you’re likely to live a life of fear and lack confidence to do not only what you are capable of doing but fulfilling what your destiny really should be. Life tests us every step of the way and our gratitude and appreciation of what we have makes a massive difference to what we get. Put your family first and feel the needs of their love and attention before yourself and material wants.

Don’t let emotions affect your decisions so much that it stops you from creating your desires. We can self-sabotage our own dreams by having the wrong values in life. Let your own intuition guide you from your childish innocence to be what you want to be and do things the way you want to. Being eccentric is something to be proud of not frown upon.

So much of what we do is determined by how other people appear to us, what other people say to us, and how other people react to us. When we are in a loving family environment each of us can be our natural selves and be as normal or abnormal as we like to be, knowing that the feelings we have for each other are unconditional. Try to find those feelings and take them out into the world in your daily life and see what a difference place the world can be. When we judge people by our own standards and morals it is perhaps us that lose out by not seeing another point of view that could make all the difference to our own happiness. It’s the moments, possibly the split second decisions of our lives that shape what we have. When our imagination is vivid and directed we can explore and experience things that will expand our life and make us not only the person we want to be but give us the success we want to achieve for ourselves at whatever level we want. There are something’s that no one else can do for us, we have to use our own minds, be in control of our own destiny and find our own passion to be what will make us truly happy.

It’s sad to see so many broken families and shattered lives from bad decisions made on fractious information. As a true advocate of power to women I understand their caring mothering nature could bring about a revolution where family values can be used in business, politics and the world at large. Until we see a change in the power crazed men of this world relinquishing it to those females who are better enabled to share, there seems little hope to create a truly caring world. As Hendrix notoriously commented “Until the power of love overcomes the love of power the world won’t know peace”.We can and should aim to get our own peace within our own families and communities before we try to right the problems of the planet. Sometimes it can seem easier to solve a world crisis than to tell someone our true feelings. Sometimes all people need to hear is our true feelings to understand years of misjudgement. And sometimes we have to decide what’s most important to us, being loved and in love or thinking and insisting we’re right about something that in reality probably doesn’t matter to anybody else.

Endeavour to realise the value of family matters.

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