Far Away

As this blog gets posted I’ll be heading to the far away islands of Fiji. A little thing Anthony Robbins said earlier this year, that it was the happiest place on the planet, inspired me to be there for the momentous date of 12.12.12. It’ll be a big day for me in particular as I will be asking my new love to share her life with me. It’s to be hoped she says yes or I’ll be a desperate downtrodden man for my next blog. That’ll be after Christmas as I have no intention of being anywhere near a computer on my holidays. Sometimes we need to get far away from everything to realise what we are doing and how we want to go forward with things. This year also has another poignant date the 21.12.12 when the calendar is due to finish and the scare mongers say the world will end. The positive people are saying this time will bring about a new consciousness which will transform the planet with love and create a new freedom and clear pathway to the Divine Universe. I’m with them as I like positivity rather than what’s in the papers. I’ll support anyone who has the right mind-set to move things forward in life rather than grumble about what should be done expecting others to do it.

We have to appreciate everything we have as many people in the world have far less than we do. The words of Hendrix are still very true ‘Until the power of love exceeds the love of power the world will never know peace’. We can each find our own peace and being in love is a magical elixir for thinking everything in our world is rosy. We don’t have to be far away from our daily routine to enjoy time out. This special day for me is an opportunity to plan out the rest of my life in a manner which suits me, not what society thrusts upon me. Many of us forget that we are free to be anywhere we want to be whenever we want. So many of us are committed to the things that are not important and miss the joys of life by not realising our assets to enjoy life while we can. This is a sad mistake and creating a bucket list of all the things we want to do in life should be a priority before it gets too late. We all tend to live in our own little world without being able to see the bigger picture and yet that ability to have the big goals and want to create and achieve more is the very passion that drives us forward, we just need to channel it properly.

Such a lot of what we achieve is dependent on our emotional state. When we have the right attitude to life and are satisfied with what we have, we can create so much more. Understanding our own emotional state so that we are moving towards the things we want to achieve is easier if we ask ourselves certain questionsto detach our thinking from our feelings. Firstly asking ourselves how do I want to feel? Followed by what do I believe to feel the way I’m feeling now? Then, what am I willing to do to change the way I’m feeling now? Finally considering what am I able to learn from this? These few simple questions should set us on the right road to overcome any difficulties. Removing negative emotions gets easier when we realize we’ve had it before and overcome it. Modelling our present on our actions from the past is the only experience we have for the future and yet the now is the most important time to live fully as none of us know how long we have in real terms. Turning around our thinking so we are as far away from the negative as possible is a valuable process we can learn with perseverance.

We have the power to change anything about us that we want to, simply by deciding to do so. We can even copy the people we look up to and use them as role models in our own life. Finding ourselves through our innocence is the best way to grow our passion for life, what we want and what we do. Writing everything down helps to put our emotions into a better state for us to deal with them. Recently I’ve been helping some children think about their estranged father by writing a letter to him to tell them exactly how they feel. They don’t even know where he is but just by writing the letter they help themselves get their emotions out. In years to come they can look at the letters and realise how their thinking has changed or even send them to their Dad so he knows what they have gone through. So often we don’t realise the effect our actions have on other people and yet these same people can be the very souls that have brought the most into our lives and we repay them by being thoughtless.

Whilst many of us want the trappings of success, the materialism which shows the world how capable we are, some of us value our spiritual connection with others every bit as much if not more. As we mature, what we can achieve for others becomes more important than what we can make for ourselves but it can be all too easy to forget our own wants and be fooled into thinking we enjoy having less. The reality is the more we have the more we can help others so we need to create more to be more benevolent and feel better about ourselves. As I find more people with property problems helping them to help themselves is becoming far more rewarding than I used to consider the property business to be. Going back to our roots to concentrate on what we do best and getting the most enjoyment from it is where I see the future heading, after I return from by far away thinking of course.

Endeavour to think straight to go further.

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