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Rights that do not flow from duty well performed are not worth having. ~ Mahatma Gandhi.

We either flow with the tide or swim against the current. Life appears to have a way of empowering some people whilst others struggle. However, what we see is not always the case. Many of those who apparently have it easy, have in fact overcome many personal challenges. Some of those who seem to labour with everything have massive self-limiting beliefs. Our mental processing is determined by our emotional state and it is this that either confines or expands us. The flow of life has in many ways been curtailed with the recent Corona virus problems. There are those who will use the time effectively to achieve more later. Conversely, there are those who will waste the time, see only negatives and will feel hard done by later.

The only thing that we are in complete control of is our own thinking and mindset. Having a personal daily practice like Seven Kriya, yoga or meditation, is paramount to finding stability in these uncertain times. Many relationships will suffer during this current Corona virus lock-down. Those couples that are teetering on the brink of separation are very likely to be pushed over. Few couples will be able to find the flow of communication that will improve their partnership. It is possible though, to come out of this difficult time, with a renewed connection and deeper love than you may think possible. I’m happy to do consultations online and at a discount to help with the very real difficulties that will emerge.

Getting flow back into your life can make a massive difference. Family finances, mental health problems, drink and drug abuse, overeating and poor diet, suicide, divorce rates even murders are likely to increase because of this forced imprisonment. When you can flow with the right person the time will pass quickly. Being locked down with the wrong person is really a prison sentence and every day will drag. Flow can be cut off quite dramatically and unexpectedly.

Following a sudden family bereavement last month, I also had news of the passing of Dadi Janki, the Spiritual Head of the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University. So many families will be feeling the grief of loss through this current crisis. It can be particularly hard to deal with emptiness after a relationship dramatically ends. The lack of contact is often not felt immediately as the necessity of practicalities often take over. However, weeks, months or even years down the line we can see emotional upheaval caused by the loss of a loved one.

Finding the source of relationship difficulties can often be easy but sometimes we have to look deep. The Seven Jewels program is designed for this very purpose and can quickly reunite and reignite the love and deep feelings that first brought couples together. I urge everyone to use their time in confinement to work with their ultimate purpose and plan for a better future. When love flows, good health, wealth and happiness grows.

Find the time to make everything flow in your relationships xx.

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