Freedom is the right to live as we wish. ~ Epictetus.

Freedom means different things to different people at different times of their life. One mans freedom can be another mans prison. Many self-employed people who have struggled so much over the recent months due to the Covid-19 scenario, thought that their business would give them freedom. It perhaps did to a large degree until the pandemic. At that point, their whole perception of freedom may have changed. Running your own business is no easy job at the best of times. Finding that you can’t run it due to matters outside of your control, and that no one is able to back you up is quite another thing.

Financial problems can be one of the first things to shake an otherwise strong relationship. One problem easily leads to another, difficult finances can cause emotional dilemmas and things can be said in haste when stress is factored in. Learning to value the blessings of life is vital especially when the practical strain of living is so obvious. We have to cultivate our own understanding of freedom. A daily practice that enhances your emotional, physical and spiritual harmony is ideal. As usual, I promote Seven Kriya for connection to the self, the Earth and the Divine Source. What’s most important though is the ritual, the actual doing, not the type of meditation, exercise or prayer. Awareness, acceptance and appreciation are the trilogy of blessings that lead to the bestowal of grace.

Unless we value all things, especially freedom, it may be all too late to revert a situation when it’s gone. We can have freedom within our relationships as well when we follow the Seven Jewels program. It offers the information of our partners needs, wants and desires which are often completely misunderstood within relationships. We each have our own love language and simply finding out what inspires and delights another person can be useful knowledge too. When we develop our beliefs, our understanding and our goodness of thought, we can create the real meaning of happiness.

Freedom of the mind from marketing, news, politics and religion is a worthy goal. When we can use our own common sense to make decisions without interference from the powers that be, we will find ourselves in paradise. It’s tempting to include family and all relationships in the list because even if we were free, they might not be. However, the likelihood of anyone not being swayed by mainstream mania these days is fairly incomprehensible.

We really have to be free from the desire of an outcome to understand any problem within a relationship. True love is the ability to allow another person the freedom to be themselves whatever the consequences to you. The ability to see what someone else’s actions say about you, is the first step in finding balance within a partnership. Harmony in the home can lead to all the riches of real freedom, the freedom of real love. The two work hand in hand.

Love is when you want something for others without anything in return xx.

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