If what you are doing is not moving you towards your goals, then it’s moving you away from your goals. ~ Brian Tracy.

Unless you’re growing, you’re dying. Whether it’s you as a person, your business or your relationship, everything needs to grow. Imagine a tree or any plant, it starts to die when it stops growing. Outwardly we may appear to be in a state of equilibrium, but reality is very different. Having purpose helps us to develop a plan. Having a plan helps us to reach the goals we set. Setting really high targets that may seem impossible, are a wonderful recipe to help you live with vigour. When you have purpose in your life you become more powerful. Others are attracted to you when you communicate with a clear direction. Your goals can help you achieve far more than the intentions themselves.

Leaders, particularly in business, need to live with integrity to earn the trust of their team. Simple actions, that come from a place without direction, show your weaknesses and people pick up on them easily. Setting goals with high standards helps everyone in a company. Positive enthusiasm for shared goals will help build your connections and your team spirit. We’re in the middle of our Flow and Grow intention setting and reviews. As a team we want to flourish and that can only happen if we are congruent. It’s not even the achievement of your goals that’s important, it’s what you learn on the journey. Unless you channel your energy into something constructive, you become destructive, either to yourself or others.

Change is inevitable, it’s the only real constant. Specific goals require determined effort to reach them. When we can exceed our own expectations, we become fulfilled. As with most things of any value, there is a discipline needed to accomplish any level of success. Having clear written goals for your relationships helps you achieve them much quicker than you might imagine. The amount of single people without a clear specification of the partner they want never fails to amaze us. There’s a large number of people in long-term relationships that had completely the wrong mindset when they met. Some may have grown together; many will never be truly connected. Setting proper goals allows you to change direction to get what really makes you happy.

Living with purpose helps you grow to become the real you xx.

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