Good Dad’s Day

For all you Dads out there I hope you had as much fun as I did on Father’s Day. The sun was shining here and I made my two a full English to start the day in fine style. We seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time organising my daughters up and coming 21st Birthday bash and sorting out her tax return but it was a real laugh having them around again. I really miss seeing them all the time like when they were small, so I really feel for anyone who for whatever reason hasn’t been able to see their offspring recently.

During the late afternoon I had a management company AGM where I was appointed director (great organisation) which actually went very smoothly – much better than some other ones I attend in the same role. Whilst I was there the kids were making dinner – Mousaka and Spinach Gratin which was really yummy so they must have learnt something from their old Dad. Good food, nice wine and loving family in the comfort of your own home – what could be nicer than that? Shame it doesn’t happen more often.

What else is going on – oh yeah there’s that little Budget thing. That’s going to be costing us all a pretty penny from now on. Every new Government has to pay back the mistakes of the previous one, only it’s never them that pays, it’s us every time. Anyone in a job now is going to start feeling the pinch as if they haven’t done so already. There’s only the one way forward, it won’t be the business owners paying all the tax, it won’t be the Politicians, Bankers, Legal Eagles or even many of the Doctors paying the tax, but the Nurses, Teachers, Civil Servants the ordinary little guy or what might be termed middle classes, they will be paying at least 80% of the debts until they die, their children die and probably their grandchildren die and that’s if we don’t have any more lying, greedy, thieving people running our lives and I can’t see that happening can you?

It never fails to amaze me how so called leaders or experts manage to make so many mistakes and get somebody else to pick up the tab. Things would be very different if I had it my way. Actually my way is very different in everything I do. Call me a maverick – I quite like that word, or call me eccentric – it doesn’t bother me but I do enjoy a lifestyle that I create not what society thrusts upon me. It’s good to be different.

So what else is in store for us? Well we’ll have the Budget analysis for a while yet but it’s ourselves we should be looking at really. We need to analyse what we are doing with our own lives and how we are helping others. Give and you shall receive are fine words but I don’t think it meant the taxman. Save yourself before it’s too late – your destiny is in your own hands and if you don’t have what you want in life don’t blame others but get some help.

Enjoy the sun, the light, the energy, the health and the wealth, the life and the love. Appreciate what you have and be grateful for everything. Have everything you want with those two old magic words. Contact me if you need help or read my book Iseanaters Destiny.

There’s much more to life than money but it’s expensive!…….Lionel.

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