Good Nights for Good Days

We have to be grateful for good sleep. When you’ve experienced times of insufficient rest the difference in the way we can feel is incomparable. Over the last year I have been concentrating on sleep patterns, recording and analysing my sleep and the way it affects my waking hours. These studies are finally drawing to a close for the findings to be put into a book over the coming months. Without good sleep we can achieve very little and as around a third of our lives are spent in this state we need to appreciate what goes into making a good night’s sleep just that.

Some of us lay rigid all night whilst others toss and turn, our loved ones can be opposed to the way we sleep or could be the cause of the quality of sleep whether good, bad or indifferent. Should our partners sleep habits be the exact opposite of our own it is very likely that one will disturb the other so neither get their full requirements which can lead to all sorts of problems. For some there are huge benefits to sleeping with another person apart from the pleasure angle, warmth and security rate highly in the mindset to give good rest. The studies I have conducted so far have brought about some surprising results and have opened a whole new insight for me and the way I sleep which will all eventually be made available through the new website I’m working on along with lots of other information that is being collated. Learning to sleep better will improve energy levels, help us to be more creative and generally think better so we can achieve more for greater self satisfaction. We don’t necessarily need more sleep, for some of us less is better but it is the quality and patterns of our unconscious state that makes the difference. Anyone with a baby knows the problems that lack of a decent night’s sleep can bring on with irritability and under performance. When we free ourselves from the difficulty poor rest gives us we are set to do more on an ongoing basis both in our personal lives and our working hours so that we can be more successful, have more, give more and be a whole lot happier. Endeavour to sleep well…….happy to help where we can.

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