Grown Ups


There are times when the most trivial things affect our well being and make us frustrated and there are times when we can take the biggest knocks in life with dignity, understanding and practical application to go forward and create more from the disaster than we ever would have done from the original aim. Valuing our mistakes and using the power of our intentions to achieve a better state for success whether that is to create a new business, or charity, or work less, or enjoy life and family more, is helped by positivity which we can bring about through our physiology. There will always be contentment if you help others to achieve their goals and give more than anyone would ever expect to receive from you. We can only receive value from something if we are willing to participate in it and breakdown limiting beliefs that stop us giving more to receive reciprocal benefits in other ways. The more we chase regrets the more damage we do to our own thinking and the less likely we are to understand any perturbation.

Much of our grown up problems stem from our childhood beliefs and limits imposed on us by our parents who were limited by their own parents. Our school education for most of us would have seen restrictions on our ability and any natural means of enhancing our true potential. Friends particularly during teenage years may easily have affected our emotions and ability to see outside their own secular vision of the world. Even our country, culture and government restricts thinking by giving its policies, laws and decisions on the things that affect our lives from our birth to the grave. So how are we as individuals supposed to break-through the thinking that holds us back and stops us creating what we want most? Whilst there is much talk of our conscious mind being only a small percentage of our capability and a large percentage of subconscious thinking making us do what we do, where does the percentage of higher conscious thought fit in and can this be altered according to what we practice? Why do the genetics of one pair of parents produce genius one day whilst the same genetics on another day can produce a sibling horrendously lost, lacking or simply loving a completely different set of life’s values?

Whilst the influence of the limiting factors no doubt has some degree of effect on each of us surely the link to our higher consciousness has an equal if not bigger effect on our lives and ability to succeed in our chosen passions. Unless we are able to control the focus, language and physiology of our state of being we are unlikely to be able to connect with either our subconscious or higher conscious selves in any subtle way. Our physiology is the ultimate source of our energy, our beliefs and the language or the constant communication we speak to ourselvescontrols our thinking, emotional and intelligent attitude to the world around us. We are all born with unique qualities even if we don’t know what they are, we simply don’t know what we don’t know but to envisage ourselves through a higher conscious state we only have to change the meaning we attach to the stories we tell ourselves which were born in our limited controlling factors of our parents, education, friends or culture. In much the same way we are able to section out our physical, emotional, spiritual and environmental affecters so we should be able to see which limiting effect has been caused by which section and produce an incantation or affirmation to change our thought patterns.

Our reticular activating system expands what we focus on so if we are able to concentrate our focus and think purely we should be able to celebrate every problem we have as it presents an opportunity to our inner self from within. The more we are able to build our focus the more we will understand our fears and be able to overcome them. The more we concentrate on our specific goals the greater value will come to fruition provided we have a big enough reason or get sufficient value from it. By measuring our success and celebrating it along with everyone else’s we are creating an attitude of appreciation and gratitude that is able to target our own actions to receive balance from the Universe. Our inner self knows how perfect we are. By following our instinctive, intuitive, innocence we are able to love ourselves, tell ourselves how much we love ourselves and let our higher consciousness connect us through our understanding to those people, places or programmes that can teach or guide us to a happier, healthier more abundant future. Whatever we give, we receive back in manifold appreciation of our generosity. Give of ourselves and we may be able to see our karmic life story which could include past unhealed entanglements of other souls and their relations which may need to be healed to allow us the freedom to believe in our own worthiness and remove the limitations that are stopping us creating everything we want for ourselves and everyone else. Until we have perfected our connections to the Earth, the Divine and each other we are unlikely as a race to succeed in saving our planet from individual crisis, economic crisis, or global crisis. There is far more to feeling frustrated than meets even the third eye.

Endeavour to have pure intentions to play at a higher standard.

Written by:
Lionel Palatine – He is a regular networker and a speaker at events as well as being a property author and adviser. He joint ventures deals and shows people how to buy property for low cost which are inclusive of all fees and deposits.

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