Halloween Horrors

We can’t all specialize and be the key person in our field of work. It stands to reason that we can’t all just do what we want otherwise there would be nobody to do the menial tasks. We can however all be happy in what we do if we have the right mindset. For the last week I’ve been quite poorly with a bad chest following a cold I caught but at the same time it was one of the best earning weeks I’ve had in a long time. How can it be that whilst I was actually doing less I in fact earned more. It could be just coincidence, perhaps things I had put in place earlier came to fruition during that time or it could be that the illness was brought on or certainly made worse by trying to do too much. This week however it has come to my attention that several people I rely on have let me down big style simply by not doing what they were supposed to do, or by doing it so badly it has to be redone, all of which ends up costing me nearly as much as I had made. So why it that some weeks things can just flow is and other times you have to climb mountains to move forward? When you run your own business the buck eventually stops with you. No matter what somebody else does, if it affects your business and they do it wrong you’ll be the one who pays one way or another. Having intuition about the people you work with is a valuable resource. When you take someone on as an employee, be sure they are capable of doing what you want or it could be a very costly mistake and legislation doesn’t allow you to remove people from their jobs easily. The modern way is to have people on temporary contracts or better still self employed. Working with people on this basis can initially be more expensive but overall the benefits far outweigh the downside and for anyone new to business I would certainly advise looking further into this before taking the leap.

This time of the year tends to be the lull before the storm with the awful Halloween approaching I’ll be spending the day at a property event and the evening at a management meeting so hopefully I’ll avoid the mayhem. I don’t like to see kids dressed up ghoulishly, the little ones are okay but the teenagers need to find some other entertainment like reading before they frighten themselves with how little they achieve. I always worry about the old folk at this time of year and if you can spend some evenings with an aging neighbour or relative then this weekend you could do them a great service. Imagine being ninety and seeing some of the horror masks that are available now, they’re as frightening as the internet for some people so let’s try and have a thought for them and dumb down this horrible American celebration of horror. It’s a good idea to call in and see old people at any time of year and just five minutes a day could make a huge difference to a lonely person. We all need a little human contact providing it’s not going to scare us. You might be amazed at what you could learn in the process. Endeavour to help others…….give your time to those who need it.

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